Alcohol and Fat Loss

This time of year we can’t avoid the parties and  its evil twin “Alcohol”.

If you know me, you know that I am a big advocate of a balanced lifestyle. I preach moderation NOT restriction.

So let’s talk a bit about our friend “alcohol”

Alcohol And Fat Loss – Can You Have Both?

One question that often presents itself to many dieters who are trying to shed the excess weight that has accumulated over time is whether or not alcohol can be included in their diet plan.

Alcohol is something that most adults do like to indulge in from time to time – some more often than others. [Read more…]

Your At Home Ab Workout

I hope you had a great week last week. I was out of touch getting everything set and organized for the Skinny Jeans Transformation Challenge that started on Monday the 2nd. This group of 23 women are SUPER excited and I can’t wait to show you what they get Get flat abs at Booty Boot Campdone in the next 8 weeks.

In addition to their boot camp workouts, I give them quick but intense 20-30 minute workouts to do at home on their days away from camp. This is the one I’m giving them this week (in fact YOU are getting it before them). Print it out and give it a try.

If you are a real beginner (as in this is the first time you will be breaking a sweat in the last 3-6 months or more) only do each circuit 1 time. If you are intermediate, do each circuit 2 times, if you’ve been working out regularly and intensely for 6 months or more try it 3 times.

Print it up and do it 2-3 times this week.

Also, don’t forget to share this link on facebook so your friends can do it to!

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Making Time to Exercise

The number one reason why people don’t exercise is that they don’t have time.

At least that’s what they tell themselves.

I know we are all busy. Between getting to and from work, balancing responsibilities and having time for yourself, there’s little left over for workouts.Crazy schedule? Use your time wisely at Booty Boot Camp.

It’s so easy to say “Things are just really crazy right now. As soon as I finish “(insert current time eater), I’ll get back to working out.” Well you and I both know that every season, every month and every week has its own set of time grabbers. Be it graduation time, kids getting out of school, summer vacation and activities, kids going back to school, final exams, project deadlines, holidays, really the list goes on and on and on and on.

Let me just put it plainly, it’s not gonna get any easier. Life is not gonna magically slow down and give you an extra 45 minutes a day just so you can work out.

You have to decide whether getting in shape, losing stubborn fat and looking and feeling your absolute best WHILE you go through life’s hectic pace is more important to you than holding on to your excuses for why you don’t have time to work out.

Last week I talked about the importance of creating a vivid, so-real-you-can-touch-it image of you in your goal body. I hope you took the time to create this new you. It is so very important and I’ll be referencing it often.

Now, take that vivid image of the new you, hold it tightly in mind and use these tips to get off your putudy and get to getting, honey.

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Eating Out This Weekend? Avoid This…

A couple of days ago I did a blog post about making most of your meals at home if you want optimal results fast.

But, I got several emails from some of you saying yeah, but it’s not realistic that I’m never going to eat out and I still want to lose weight so what should I do?

You are absolutely right.

Burn off those calories at Booty Boot Camp

And things actually have gotten easier for us calories watchers since restaurants are required to put the nutrition info next to every meal. I don’t know about you but I’ve been shocked at what I see more than a time or two. Most restaurants also feature a “light” menu now to make up for all their calorie secrets being outed but if you’re like me, that light menu can look a little drab when compared to the rest of the calorie loaded fare on the menu. So I’m going to give you 3 quick tips that you can use to transform a meal off of the regular menu into a flat abs supportive meal. Warning: not every meal is salvageable; you need to be ok with that :).

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind if you eat out this weekend:

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This pep talk is for you (Monday motivation)


It’s Monday, time to get the week started off and maybe time for you to start another attempt at eating better and exercising.

I’ve often wished that I could give each and every one of you a personalized pep talk to get you up off the couch and into a regular exercise program day after day because the number one reason that most people are out-of-shape or have some extra belly fat is that they don’t exercise enough.


So here’s my pep talk in bullet form – 21 rewards that you will gain from regular exercise.
Do yourself a favor and print this list and post it where you’ll see it every day. When you need motivation or encouragement simply read over this list and feel your motivation soar.

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3 No Exercise Required Flatter Belly Tips


It’s the start of the weekend and hopefully you’ve got a good one planned.

If you’ve got plans, I know you really want to look good when are out and about. I mean let’s be honest, that’s one of the main reasons you endeavor to live a healthy fit lifestyle right? But what can you do to look better tomorrow?

While I will never be the one to promote quick fixes and fad methods when it comes to your fitness and fat loss problems, there are a few legitimate reasons that your tummy may be bigger than you like and some action steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Now I’m not talking about fat loss here, I’m taking about other factors that bloat your belly and make you feel less confident in clothes.

Here are a few reasons you may be carrying around an extra inch or two and simple ways to nix those inches fast (yes, even as fast as tomorrow).

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Fit Into Your Jeans In 5 Seconds Flat?


I saw a commercial the other day for a product that made the Loud Bold claim that it could get you into your “skinny jeans” in about 5 seconds. I wasn’t actually looking at the TV screen when it first came on but of course that caught my attention and my eyes fixed on the screen, then I just about died laughing.

It was for a waistband extender (which is pretty much a glorified rubber band) that you loop around the button and hole of your jeans to give yourself some “breathing room”.



Now this is perfectly ok if you are in the early stages of a pregnancy, but if you’re not pregnant, is that really how you want to get into your skinny jeans? What if your shirt rides up and exposes your little secret? How embarrassing! Not to mention, it just plain ol’ doesn’t make you feel super hot to have your pants half un-zipped all day.


So if you want to get into your skinny jeans for real, sans the rubber band, then follow these 5 quick tips to get started:

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Survive Game Day and Still Have Fun (recipes)


This Sunday millions will be watching the “Big Game”. Even if you’re not an actual football fan the game day festivities are a lot of fun, but they can also wreak havoc on your diet.

One of the best things you can do to stay on track is take some healthy delicious eats with you to the party you’re going to or to lay out a few healthy options to munch on if you’re the host.

Here are some recipes to get you started, and trust me, no one will know it’s diet food.

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Why You’ve Plateaued (Your Nutrition)


So you’re resting enough and you don’t have a care in the world :) but you’re still not losing weight. (see the last blog post to get up to speed if you missed it)

If I was a betting woman (I don’t gamble, that’s throwing away perfectly good shopping money) I’d say it’s because of one of two other things-your nutrition or your workouts.

Let’s talk about your nutrition today.

Nutrition is off in some way (eating too much, not enough, too much sugar, not a balanced ratio of macro nutrients)

I don’t believe in being a total calorie hard nose ‘cause frankly counting calories can be a drag. But you do need to be aware of how many- ish calories you need to take in and how many-ish you actually are taking in. For instance if you know that you need to be in the 1800-2,000 range and that on average you take in about 1,925. As long as you hit somewhere in that range daily there’s no need to know your number to an exact T…….except for if the scale is no longer budging. The it’s time to get down to the facts and figure out EXACTLY what you are doing.

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What Is A Plateau and Why Did I Hit One?


One of the biggest frustrations I hear from you all through email or when you come in for your body diagnostic at my studio is that you feel like your weight loss progress has just come to a screeching halt. Just last week I had at least 3 women come in and tell me how all on their own they had lost 25lbs, 30lbs, one woman had even lost 50lbs. But each and every one of them could not seem to get one more pound to budge. Can you relate?


This is called a plateau and it’s the #1 reason that women fail at weight loss once they get past all the initial danger spots. Women who have gone for weeks, even months faithfully getting their workouts in, saying no to diet temptations and have thrilled at seeing it all pay off, suddenly stop doing it all and soon enough they find the weight creeping back on one sneaky pound at a time.

Can you relate?

Well I’m going to tell you exactly what a plateau is, why you’ve hit it, and what you can do about it.

This is gonna help you avoid a LOT of frustration. I’m also going to tell you how to avoid a plateau if you haven’t hit one yet.

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