Free Yourself Friday

We are almost to the 1-week mark of our first OctoberFit challenge.

I wanted this challenge to be about more than just a “transformation” in the popular sense as cool as those are.

So while yes, there are killer workouts and even menus, the focus is on movement and taking care of yourself in all ways.

To keep it fun, each day has a theme and a challenge that goes with it.

I want to share todays challenge with you because it’s not your typical “transformation challenge” type challenge.

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End food cravings – New technique

You wake up each morning with every intention of eating “good” today.

But let’s face it, we live in a world where food temptations are everywhere…which lead to cravings, which lead to you eating things that you shouldn’t. Again. And again. And again. Until you’re so fed up with your body that you don’t even know where to begin to get yourself back on track.

But you have a powerful tool against cravings and temptation: Your Brain.

Your mind is an amazing thing. Once your mind is made up about something it’s nearly impossible to change it.

So here’s how you can fight back!

Try This Powerful Mind Exercise: Imagine that you are peacefully floating down a river on a raft. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you are having a fun, relaxing time.

You feel wonderful about the river because it’s making you feel happy.

Now change perspectives for a moment. You’re now in a plane flying over the river and the raft. Instantly our eye is drawn to an enormous rocky waterfall. Then you look back to the person floating on the raft, having a wonderful time, headed straight for the treacherous falls.

With this new perspective of the river, do you think that you’d agree to get on a raft and take your chances floating toward the falls? Laughable, right? You’ve seen the hidden danger of the river. You know it leads to pain and suffering.

Now your negative association (watery death) with the river has replaced your initial positive association (relaxing fun).

This is the key to overcoming food temptations and putting an end to food cravings: building negative associations in place of existing positive ones. I’ll break this process down for you in two steps: [Read more…]

A Pre-Schooler Taught Me This…..

Yesterday I talked about going guilt-free when it comes to food and having an open relationship with it. I gave you some things to ask yourself and I hope it helps you. But I left feeling like I was unclear…like I didn’t really state the facts as I see them so here it is:

You have to take responsibility for your actions and your decisions. Eat the cheeseburger and fries or not. Say yes to dessert or No… it is your choice. [Read more…]

One Reason You’re Still Fat

There is one thing that time after time knocks literally HUNDREDS of women off their game when it comes to fitness and weight loss. I see it every single day. I hear it from the mouths of struggling women that come into my Sacramento boot camp; I hear it in the stories of how things were. And I bet you’ll never guess what it is.
Go ahead, guess…………
Let see, you probably listed things like: Schedule, soreness, lack of a clear goal, eating habits, unsupportive family and friends……yup all good and things that need to be addressed but it’s not the one I’m talking about today. You see this one is really sneaky. This one seems totally ridiculous when you first hear it. This one should spark the exact opposite result it often does and still, time after time it leaves “failure” and frustration in its wake. I’m just about positive it’s hit you a time or two. I know I’ve succumbed to it more times than I care to mention.
What is it? [Read more…]

“…If it’s All The Same, I’ll Have A Snickers Thank You”

Things have been crazy at the BBC HQ. Last Saturday we had 18 ladies start the 21k challenge. I’ll keep you posted on how they do.

This challenge is a little different from the programs I usually do because instead of giving them done-for-you menus, the ladies each have their own calorie intake goal and are making their own food choices, making sure to note their portions and record everything. Since I don’t believe in starving yourself (all it does is make you lose muscle, not fat) most of the ladies have gotten a number far higher than any other “diet” that they’ve done in the past. I think a few were quite happy about that “huge” number of calories they could eat and had visions of Starbucks lattes, snack size bags of chips and other “goodies” they could now afford to have in their daily life.

Well when I slightly balked at the suggestion a particular client had that she could still eat her McDonalds in the morning, her SB skinny frappe in the afternoon and have her serving of ice cream every night and still stay within her calorie goal for the day. She asked me: “Well why not? As long as I stay in my calorie range, why can’t I eat whatever I want?” [Read more…]

Do You Wanna Be “That Girl”?

Today I want to talk you about greatness. I don’t mean change the world greatness. I mean personal greatness. I know that sounds lofty but hear me out. I saw this picture and quote on Facebook (see below) last week and it got me to thinkin…..

I have several clients that have been with Booty Boot Camp for 1 year, a few just made 2 years and a few more still are coming up on 3 years. If you watch them in class they’re kinda awesome. They’re working hard but they’re fast, use more weight and have impeccable form.  Most of them also have run several half-marathons, too-many to count 5 and 10k’s, some have done triathlons and even full marathons. These are regular women, most are moms, work full-time, have spouses. The younger ones are building their careers and starting their families. They’re just like you basically.

When new ladies come in to try out BBC they often notice these dynamos and will ask “did they come in fit?” “Have they always been small?” “Maybe this is too much for me….” [Read more…]

How Quickly This Happens

I survived! Lol, (of course I did. I’m silly). Thanks for all the emails and texts last Wednesday before my lumbar puncture (aka: spinal tap) it helped a lot. In the end it was pretty uneventful. Mild discomfort and a slight headache but it was more my mind freaking me out than anything else. The Doctor was actually a workout enthusiast too so while my spinal fluid dripped outta me, we talked about working out. He was telling me about deadlifts and Squat cleans and I was like yeah, yeah, cool… it done? lol He was trying to distract me I know. It didn’t work but I appreciated the effort. [Read more…]


Moment of truth time…….you’ve been doing it for a while now, probably longer than you realize. Again and again, you come up with a reason why you’re going to start TOMORROW.

Before you know it, you wake up one morning and you’re 5 lbs, 10 lbs, or 15 lbs heavier than you were a few months ago!

Enough is enough. Now is the time to stop making excuses, to stop putting your fitness on hold, and to start working out and eating to support your goals. Period. [Read more…]

My New Favorite Word

One thing I hope you’ve all learned from my blog and emails is that even though fitness is my career, I’m just a regular woman like all of you. I mean we all have different things that fill our days and stress us out at times but we all have them –busy days and stressful situations.  Just like you; first thing when my eyes open in the morning, the laundry list of the 10 hours worth of things that I need to accomplish in 3 hours starts running through my head. Sometimes laundry is actually on that list, boooo!

But just like you (and maybe a little more so) I also know that one of the most important things on that list is my own workouts. And just like you, my first thought is often: “I don’t have time for that! I’ll squeeze it in later”. [Read more…]

Mojo Retention Tool –Stay Motivated, Lose Weight

Hey there, have you ever been looking at a magazine (like inStyle, Oxygen, Shape, etc.)or been watching a movie or video and got a tingle of motivation to go for a run, clean up your diet or get in a kick booty workout? You may not have even been trying to get motivated, but something just sparks you without your even trying and bam! you are ready to GET IT DONE!

I love that feeling. And while it does happen on it’s own sometimes, it is actually one of the major tools I use to stay motivated.  It’s also one of the first things I ask new clients to do; find something to get you motivated when you need a little push.

You see, day one of a new eating plan or exercise program is always exciting. You’re pumped, motivated, focused….. that can last from as short as a few days for some to as long as a few weeks for others. But at some point, no matter how determined you are, you hit a patch where you lose your motivation a bit (or maybe totally). It happens and you need to have some tools to help snap you back into go-get it mode.


Here are some of my favorite pictures, they are all from a Nike campaign that not only motivates but makes you smile and feel good about being an actual, breathing, non-airbrushed woman :).

Have a look: