Beast Mode Squad

Who Else Wants To Get Strong, Lean and Fit? If You Want to Finally Have Tight Legs and Butt, Defined Arms and Flat Stomach

Then BEAST MODE SQUAD Is The Program You’ve Been Looking For!

Note: Next Session Starts: TBD

Skip The Boring Cardio
Supercharge Your Metabolism
Escape The Myths About Women and Weight Lifting

Ladies if you want to get lean, not just “skinny fat” but truly lean out your body, have defined curvy muscles, look and feel STRONG and get the body you’ve been spending hours at the gym trying to achieve then you have got to DROP THE PINK WEIGHTS and turn on your Beast Mode.
There are many myths surrounding women and lifting weights. Beast Mode Squad was designed to educate you about lifting weights properly and how to eat to achieve a lean figure and avoid the bulky look.
Its a fact that Things like:
Hours of cardio
Light weights w/ high reps to tone
Super low-calorie diets
Low-fat diets
Banishing all carbs
ughh….just writing that list makes me feel weak and deprived
Will NOT help you achieve the body of your dreams.
But one thing will; A program of progressive strength training, the right kind of cardio and supportive nutrition.
That is what Beast Mode Squad offers.
Now let me make one thing clear: THIS IS NOT BOOT CAMP!
This is NOTHING like boot camp, ours (which is pretty awesome) or any other boot camp you’ve ever been to.
The program consist of group training sessions where our coaches guide you in proper form, help you find and push your limits and motivate you every step of the way.
While the main workout for the day does not change per individual, we do scale the loads and intensity of each session to meet you where you are now. This means that a wide range of fitness and skill levels can participate in and progress in the Beast Mode Squad.




Here is what is involved:
• 2 strength training sessions a week with me for 6 weeks
• This is limited to 8 people.
• Each training session is 1 hour
• Nutrition coaching – As you know; lifting heavy with a crappy diet is how you get “bulky” but lift heavy with a clean supportive (no-starvation) diet and you get lean and lovely instead.
• Cardio plan for when you’re not training with the Beast Mode Squad
(the right kind of cardio, not the muscle eating kind you’re doing now).
• You’ve probably never worked out quite like this before!

Who should do this?
YOU If You:
• Want to create a feminine shape and avoid a bulky look.
• You are currently working out seriously and you want to take it to the next level.
• You are a beginner and you want to start of your fitness journey the RIGHT way.
• You are intrigued by the idea of lifting progressively heavier but are not sure how to do it correctly and safely.
• You want to feel confident, sexy and STRONG!

Next Program Dates:
Training Schedule:

You will be challenged
You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone
You will feel AMAZING!
This way of training will totally blow your mind but if you are seriously ready to take your training to the next level then Beast Mode Squad is for you.

Just don’t wait till it’s sold out!




FAQ #1: I Don’t Lift Heavy Weights Now. Is this too advanced for me?
Answer: No. Heavy is relative. What is heavy for you may or may not be heavy to someone else. The point and the key to the effectiveness is to progress. Each week moving up in weight just a touch. You may come in not feeling like you lift heavy but you’re gonna impress yourself once it’s done.

FAQ #2: I’m worried About Getting Bulky
Answer: That’s normal. It’s what we hear and see all the time; lifting heavy weights makes you bulky. But that’s just not true. I’ll be working with you to dial in you nutrition so that you not only add some lean shapely muscle but lose some jiggle and wiggle off the top too.

FAQ #3: Do I have to take any extra supplements?
Answer: Maybe. There are a FEW that I will recommend to you. They are completely optional and nothing in the least bit dangerous. Things like a good quality protein powder, a multi-vitamin and BCAA’s (Branch chain amino acids).

FAQ #4: What do I do the other 5 days of the week for exercise?
Answer: You have a few options: continue in an exercise routine you are already a part of, join us at the Get StrongHer studio for boot camp training sessions or follow some at-home workouts that I will give you.

FAQ #5: Will I Lose Weight?
Answer: This program is about building lean muscle that will help make weight loss easier and your body shapelier. You will definitely reduce your body fat (the wiggle and jiggle) but since you will also be focusing on building muscle, the scale might not move. But don’t worry, by week 4 you are going to start seeing definition and your clothes will start to fit better.
We will be taking before and after photos so that we can accurately track your progress as well.