Why Soda Is Making You Fat!

If you’ve been drinking one or more sodas every day, that aluminum can in your hand is to blame for those extra digitsget educated at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp on the scale. We’re not talking a couple pounds either. We’re talking long term weight gain. One can of cola adds more than 100 calories to your daily intake. That’s over 10 lbs of additional body fat every year.

Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and soda addiction have all risen together steadily and scarily over the past decades. Coincidence? Not a chance. Soda is sabotaging your body. [Read more…]

Mojo Retention Tool –Stay Motivated, Lose Weight

Hey there, have you ever been looking at a magazine (like inStyle, Oxygen, Shape, etc.)or been watching a movie or video and got a tingle of motivation to go for a run, clean up your diet or get in a kick booty workout? You may not have even been trying to get motivated, but something just sparks you without your even trying and bam! you are ready to GET IT DONE!

I love that feeling. And while it does happen on it’s own sometimes, it is actually one of the major tools I use to stay motivated.  It’s also one of the first things I ask new clients to do; find something to get you motivated when you need a little push.

You see, day one of a new eating plan or exercise program is always exciting. You’re pumped, motivated, focused….. that can last from as short as a few days for some to as long as a few weeks for others. But at some point, no matter how determined you are, you hit a patch where you lose your motivation a bit (or maybe totally). It happens and you need to have some tools to help snap you back into go-get it mode.


Here are some of my favorite pictures, they are all from a Nike campaign that not only motivates but makes you smile and feel good about being an actual, breathing, non-airbrushed woman :).

Have a look:












Fat Flushing Recipes

In just 18 days it will be officially summer. I’m pretty sure the weather will catch on eventually, but until it does, just think of all this weird gloomy stuff as an extension on the time you have to get your summer body on.
This coming Monday, June 6th my 14-day Fat Flush starts and it’s gonna help a lot of women get going in the right direction, and you should be one of them.
I’ve been spending the last few hours creating the nutrition plan that will go with the 2 weeks of Fat blasting workouts and I wanted to share two of the recipes with you.
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If It Wiggles and Jiggles You Need To Be Doing This….

The number one question I get asked is: “How do I make my belly (triceps, butt, thighs, or pick your problem spot) tight and firm?”

And here is my answer (and a workout to help get it done)…..

If it wiggles, jiggles, is puffy or bulges, then that is excess fat and excess fat is shed by proper nutrition and cardio (interval preferred). The “toning” or strength training exercises that you do for said problem spot, will build shape, size (if desired), and the overall form of your body.

Let me put it like this; let’s say you have triceps (the back of your arms) that move a little too freely when you move your arms and you start a intense regimen of strength training to firm them up, you can in fact build killer, awesome triceps muscles but if you don’t get the fat that’s actually doing the wiggling and jiggling off the top you won’t really be able to see the fruits of all your labor.

On the flip side, if you only dieted and did cardio and never added any muscle with resistance training, then you would end up with a smaller arm with less fat that jiggles but it would still definitely jiggle.

So you need the trifecta combo of proper nutrition, strength training and interval cardio.

Intervals are actually not complicated at all and there are hundreds of options that you can do right in your own home without any equipment. I show some of them in this 3rd and final clip from our morning show gig last week and I lay the exact workout for you right underneath it.

Wiggle and Jiggle Buster (warm up for 5-7 minutes before)

Quick Feet moving in and out – Tip: keep your feet close to the ground; it’s not a huge lift. You’re really only lifting your heels. Take fast tiny steps out nice and wide past your shoulders and all the way narrow. Keep your knees slightly bent the whole time. You should get your heart rate up and feel a burn in your hips and thighs! -20 seconds

Speed Skaters –30 seconds –Tip: Exaggerate your arm movements. We want to use as many muscles as possible and burn lots of calories.

Single leg deadlift –10 reps on each leg (this is the recovery move. You can also swap it out for a move that targets your personal trouble spot)

Do entire circuit 5 times.

Ok so now for an awesome workout combine all three workouts from the last 2 blog posts and this one into one calorie burning, juggle busting, booty shaping, sexy arms, flat abs workout in about 30 minutes.

Have fun!

Sexy Arms Workout

When you think of nice arms, you probably picture tight, lean arms without any excess jiggle. You probably picture arms with definite curves and shape vs an arm that appears to be more tubular shaped.
Now some women like a super cut athletic look, almost a little on the muscular side, and some like the “long lean” look with soft definition. Surprisingly, both are achieved with pretty similar methods (in the beginning at least).
Now how do you get ‘em? Biceps curls, Triceps dips? Yes, those are a part of it but you’re probably forgetting a muscle that makes all the difference – your shoulders, your side delts to be exact. You see, your side delt muscle actually takes up the top third of your get Michelle's arms at Elk Grove's Booty Boot Camparm and is one of the main things that give you that “separation” in your arms so that you have shape. Again, you can make that definition as strong or as soft as you prefer but either way, you’re gonna want to work those muscles if nice arms for the summer is your goal.


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15lbs In 3 Weeks –My True Story

If you are reading this and you are one of my clients then you know about a personal health struggle I dealt with last year into early this year. If you are not one of my clients, then let me sum it up for you in 2 sentences: I had the worst possible case of Valley Fever (a respiratory fungus infection) you can get, it spread throughout my body for over 18 months and caused all kinds of health problems. While I was going through all of this I was physically unable to work out AND due to some early misdiagnosis, I was under extreme mental distress because I thought I had been dealt a near death sentence.
I am happy to say, I was properly re-diagnosed, have been on medicine for 3 months now and am at about 90% of normal.
I’m telling you this because during all this, I’ll admit it…I put on some weight. I’m human. But now that I’m feeling pretty darn fantastic I have been on a mission to get back to my old self and my old body…. the body I had a couple of years ago before all this drama started. The body that actually fits the clothes that are in my closet (can you relate?). I am 100% determined and dedicated and I have lost 15lbs in the last 3 weeks. [Read more…]

This pep talk is for you (Monday motivation)


It’s Monday, time to get the week started off and maybe time for you to start another attempt at eating better and exercising.

I’ve often wished that I could give each and every one of you a personalized pep talk to get you up off the couch and into a regular exercise program day after day because the number one reason that most people are out-of-shape or have some extra belly fat is that they don’t exercise enough.


So here’s my pep talk in bullet form – 21 rewards that you will gain from regular exercise.
Do yourself a favor and print this list and post it where you’ll see it every day. When you need motivation or encouragement simply read over this list and feel your motivation soar.

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3 No Exercise Required Flatter Belly Tips


It’s the start of the weekend and hopefully you’ve got a good one planned.

If you’ve got plans, I know you really want to look good when are out and about. I mean let’s be honest, that’s one of the main reasons you endeavor to live a healthy fit lifestyle right? But what can you do to look better tomorrow?

While I will never be the one to promote quick fixes and fad methods when it comes to your fitness and fat loss problems, there are a few legitimate reasons that your tummy may be bigger than you like and some action steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Now I’m not talking about fat loss here, I’m taking about other factors that bloat your belly and make you feel less confident in clothes.

Here are a few reasons you may be carrying around an extra inch or two and simple ways to nix those inches fast (yes, even as fast as tomorrow).

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Survive Game Day and Still Have Fun (recipes)


This Sunday millions will be watching the “Big Game”. Even if you’re not an actual football fan the game day festivities are a lot of fun, but they can also wreak havoc on your diet.

One of the best things you can do to stay on track is take some healthy delicious eats with you to the party you’re going to or to lay out a few healthy options to munch on if you’re the host.

Here are some recipes to get you started, and trust me, no one will know it’s diet food.

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Why You’ve Plateaued (Your Nutrition)


So you’re resting enough and you don’t have a care in the world 🙂 but you’re still not losing weight. (see the last blog post to get up to speed if you missed it)

If I was a betting woman (I don’t gamble, that’s throwing away perfectly good shopping money) I’d say it’s because of one of two other things-your nutrition or your workouts.

Let’s talk about your nutrition today.

Nutrition is off in some way (eating too much, not enough, too much sugar, not a balanced ratio of macro nutrients)

I don’t believe in being a total calorie hard nose ‘cause frankly counting calories can be a drag. But you do need to be aware of how many- ish calories you need to take in and how many-ish you actually are taking in. For instance if you know that you need to be in the 1800-2,000 range and that on average you take in about 1,925. As long as you hit somewhere in that range daily there’s no need to know your number to an exact T…….except for if the scale is no longer budging. The it’s time to get down to the facts and figure out EXACTLY what you are doing.

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