About Us

At Get StrongHer we help women unleash their inner athlete. We help women become the strong, confident, sexy person they truly are on the inside. We know that every woman is starting at a different place and we cater our programing to meet you where you are and then take you where you want to go.

Never done a push-up from your toes in your life? Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in.

Can you bust out 20 toe push-ups and drop a few pistol squats? You’ll find some true equals here and be excited at the ways we can continue to push you. And whether you are a drive-through junkie or a paleo queen we can meet you where you are with your nutrition and help you feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.
The environment at Get StrongHer is safe, supportive, empowering and never judgmental.

We use the most up to date methods in training and nutrition to get you amazing results and we laugh and have a good time while we do it.

This is not just a gym. You are not just a member here. You are a part of our strong fitness family of women that know EXACTLY what you are going through, have gone through and will go through because they are real women just like you.

We have a program that is a great fit for you. Visit our Home Page to read more about our programs and to find one that feels right for you. Feel free to contact us if you need help in deciding.