The Secret Of Spot Reducing

You’ve heard of “pear shape” “apple shape” etc. These refer to where a persons bodies stores the most fat.

About 99% of the time when I meet someone for a 1-on-1 Success Session they tell me that they need to work on one spot in particular; usually their belly, thighs, or arms. They want to hit there trouble spot hard to make it shrink.

No wonder, magazines and social media will have you believe that in order to get a flat belly you need to work those abs. Or to get a nice butt you simply have to squat and lunge more.

No don’t get me wrong squats and lunges WILL give you a nice butt. And planks, burpees and leg raises contribute to a nice midsection but not in the way you think. [Read more…]

A Flatter Belly Instantly!

It’s the start of the weekend and if you’ve got plans, I know you really want to look good when are out and about. I mean let’s be honest, that’s one of the main reasons you endeavor to live a healthy fit lifestyle right? But what can you do to look better tomorrow?jean don't fit

While I will never be the one to promote quick fixes and fad methods when it comes to your fitness and fat loss problems, there are a few legitimate reasons that your tummy may be bigger than you like and some action steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Now I’m not talking about fat loss here, I’m taking about other factors that bloat your belly and make you feel less confident in clothes.

Here are a few reasons you may be carrying around an extra inch or two and simple ways to nix those inches fast (yes, even as fast as tomorrow). [Read more…]

3 Minute Creepy Ab Workout (video)

Who doesn’t love a good ab burn? (well actually I don’t at all but I like the results soooooo, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do)

A few months back I filmed some short but intense abistock_photo_of_flat_abs workouts, I posted the plank video about 3 weeks ago (find it on my blog here: Mini Planks Of Death) and even though it looked simple I had a lot of people come up to me and say it sure did sneak up on them!

So if you liked that one you’re gonna love this one! I call it the: Creepy 6-Pack. It’s just 2 exercises and you can follow along right with me for the entire workout.
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A Candy Bar For Breakfast AND a Flat Belly

Ok, so not really a candy bar, you know I would never set you up for an insulin rollercoaster like that, but I have something else I think you’ll like. One of the breakfast smoothies off the new Flat Belly Boot Camp 2.0 menu has a shake called Almond Joyousness and it’s good for you peoples. How bout that? [Read more…]

Fit Into Your Jeans In 5 Seconds Flat?


I saw a commercial the other day for a product that made the Loud Bold claim that it could get you into your “skinny jeans” in about 5 seconds. I wasn’t actually looking at the TV screen when it first came on but of course that caught my attention and my eyes fixed on the screen, then I just about died laughing.

It was for a waistband extender (which is pretty much a glorified rubber band) that you loop around the button and hole of your jeans to give yourself some “breathing room”.



Now this is perfectly ok if you are in the early stages of a pregnancy, but if you’re not pregnant, is that really how you want to get into your skinny jeans? What if your shirt rides up and exposes your little secret? How embarrassing! Not to mention, it just plain ol’ doesn’t make you feel super hot to have your pants half un-zipped all day.


So if you want to get into your skinny jeans for real, sans the rubber band, then follow these 5 quick tips to get started:

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Check Out These Results!

So some of you may remember back in May I had this crazy idea to take a group of women and lead them by the hand, step by step through 6 weeks of an intense, focused weight loss program. There was a major nutrition overhaul where I took matters into my own hands and actually made their food for them, they were held to the highest levels of accountability when it came to their workouts. I was in constant communication with them each and every day. I pretty much took over every aspect of their lives to make sure they walked away with new tools and a new body.

I never did tell you how that turned out huh?

Well for starters, I took on 14 women, but it was so intense [Read more…]

Top 4 Myths Of Getting A Flat Belly

“I do hundreds of crunches and sit-ups a day and I still have a flabby midsection. What gives?”

Does this sound familiar?

Let’s face it, we all want a flat, sexy midsection. And when this becomes our mission, crunches and sit-ups are usually the first thing on our to-do list. But for many of us no amount of crunches or sit-ups seems to get the job done.

Well, there is a reason the crunches are not getting you the flat belly of your dreams, but before I reveal your sexy abs blueprint, let’s first debunk some very important myths about how to get that coveted sleek tummy:

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Don’t Make These Ab Training Mistakes

Is there any body part in the fitness world suffering from more mis-information than abs and how to make abs flat and sexy?

It seems every other infomercial on late night TV is hawking the new answer to flat abs without all the work. And the truth is….they aren’t needed and won’t give you the results that you want.

Let’s set the record straight on ab training right now [Read more…]