At Home Cardio Workout (video)

Hey There,

I’ve got a new video for you today.

It’s a quick @home workout that is one of the ways we do “cardio” at BBC.

I actually made it for the participants in this years Little Black Dress Transformation Challenge but I thought I’d share this one with you all as well. [Read more…]

How To Avoid The Bulky Look When Lifting

I hear it ALL. THE. TIME. Whenever I tell a client that they need to lift a little bit heavier this week since they’ve been using those 10lb dumbbells on a deadlift for 2 months now; “I don’t want to get bulky” then when I explain that they won’t actually get bulky and that more muscle will make them leaner they say: “No I really do! The last time I worked with a trainer they had me lifting heavy and my arms (legs, shoulder) got huge!”I’m going to admit something to you…..I’ve said those same words myself. I know, I know…I should know better but deep down I’m still a woman and have those deeply ingrained “bulky” fears in myself too.

But I DO know better and I’m going to explain to you the only three ways you could possibly get bulky from lifting heavy:

1. Illegal drugs – Building muscle takes a good amount of the hormone testosterone, in fact without a very high level of it is impossible to build HUGE muscles. Heck even though men who have LOTS of it naturally have to take drugs on top of their natural hormones to reach Arnold like shape and size.
So anytime you see a women with HUGE muscles; like cover her face and you may not be able to tell the difference between her and your boyfriend, then she is most likely on something black market to help that process along. Annnnd she is still working out like 6 hours a day!
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Just Because It’s Burning Doesn’t Mean It’s Working

So far we’ve covered two important factors of getting a more fit lean look: 942821_143260745857409_360405175_n-224x300

1. Focusing on the composition of your body (percentage of fat vs. Muscle) rather than the scale alone.                      

Remember, if you focus just on the scale and ONLY diet and slow-go cardio to lose weight then you’ll most likely the weight you lose will be a majority of muscle and water and you’ll end up being a smaller version of your starting apple or pear shape.

2. Cardio NOT being an effective means for fat loss and how too much can be detrimental.
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If Only You Had Enough Time

focus-199x300Truth: One bad meal won’t make you fat.

Equally True: One “healthy” meal or good workout won’t make you lean.

Ultimate truth: Time passes the same for us all no matter what we do. And the passing of time will multiply the choices you make day in and day out. There is no way around it.

Here’s how it all adds up: if you keep eating crappy food day in and day out time WILL multiply your efforts and you’ll end up wearing all that food on your body, as in the wiggle, jiggle and BULGE. [Read more…]

I Dare You

I just got back from a fantastic family trip to the Grand Canyon. The hiking there is so beautiful.

Here is a picture at one of our rest points.


Now I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights in the strictest sense, but if given the choice I’d rather not hang out too close to cliffs, so getting past that and just enjoying the challenge of the hikes, the company I had and the beautiful scenery took a couple of deep breaths and focus (to start anyway, once I got going my fears were the furthest thing from my mind).

As I was thinking about all that I would have missed had I let my fears get the better of me I realized that today of all days would be the best day to write about it because today is: National Dare Day (you didn’t know?!)

Usually the word “Dare” makes us think of being challenged to eat worms, kiss a stranger, moon somebody or spontaneously yell out something silly in a crowd; that kind of thing. But today I want to dare you to do something that’ll help make you healthier, more fit or more focused.

Take your pick. I DARE YOU TO:

– Not a runner? I dare you to go run a mile right now and see how fast you can get it done (run/walk is fine just do it!)

– Post your before picture on facebook and announce to your fb community that you are starting your fitness journey now! (tag me if you do!)

– Try a new workout: Boot Camp, Dance Cardio (even if you don’t have rhythm!) and Power Yoga are all good options if you’ve never done them.  We offer all at BBC and you can try one or all of them as my guest. Call me and I’ll put you on the guest list(s) 916-57-BOOTY.

– Sign-up for Tough Mudder! You can be on the BBC team. Sunday September 23 (email me if you’re interested)

– Sign-up for an event like a run or cycle event and pick a level higher than your norm or a level that scares you to think about (for instance, always run a 5k? Register and run the 10K!)

– Strip down to your undies, stare at yourself in the mirror and out loud say all the things that you like about your body without saying one single negative thing, meaning you can’t say I have great ___except…. Doesn’t  matter how small the likes are: I like my wrists, my collar bones are quite lovely, I’ve got fantastic fingernails! You’re laughing but some of you have been verbally abusing yourselves for so long you may have to start with those fingernails….

– Avoid for one full weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) one thing that you SWEAR you’d shrivel up and die without eating/drinking.

– Eat something that’s considered healthy you’ve never tried ’cause it looks or sounds “weird”

But most of all I DARE YOU TO:

– Actually achieve the goals you’re always talking about achieving.

– I dare you to put the work in

– Make the sacrifices

– Feel the burn

– Drip the sweat

– I dare you to stop making:  exceptions, justifications and excuses for why you can’t possibly do ___ or give up___ or make time for ____.


Happy Dare Day!


Ditch the Plateau! (spring cleaning time)

A plateau is when you feel like you’re doing everything right but you’re not seeing the changes you expect to see on the scale or in your clothes. Basically you’re not progressing.

Sometimes it really is a matter of your body holding on to those last few pounds and you needing to pull out some tricks to get your body to let go of them. However in my experience working with lots and lots (hundreds!) of women I find that really there are just some things you need to buckle down on and clean up (usually in the diet) to get back on track and get over this “plateau”.

So since it’s now officially spring let’s do some spring cleaning of your weight-loss habits.

These are the top 3 areas that most of us aren’t really being as diligent as we can: [Read more…]

My Top 10 Smoothie Recipes (and a contest)

A couple of weeks ago I had a few clients in a row ask me for some good smoothie recipes so I compiled my top 10 and shared it with all my clients. There are some really tasty recipes in that little booklet like Chocolate covered cherries, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and even a Green smoothie that is delish. They are hearty and nutrient packed so these are actually meals in a glass.

I really enjoy smoothies for breakfast because I can cram greens, flax and chia seeds in there and start my morning off feeling great.

But today I was going into my website to pull down the recipe booklet and I thought of you all; my faithful readers and I decided to share it with you too.


So here it is: [Read more…]

Why Soda Is Making You Fat!

If you’ve been drinking one or more sodas every day, that aluminum can in your hand is to blame for those extra digitsget educated at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp on the scale. We’re not talking a couple pounds either. We’re talking long term weight gain. One can of cola adds more than 100 calories to your daily intake. That’s over 10 lbs of additional body fat every year.

Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and soda addiction have all risen together steadily and scarily over the past decades. Coincidence? Not a chance. Soda is sabotaging your body. [Read more…]

Try This One Thing For 30 days (get leaner)

In my line of work, the one thing I’ve gotten used to is people looking for that one little “secret” or “magic pill” to lose weight quicker……and while there isn’t a pill, there are definitely some tips and tricks that can speed the process along.

But there’s this one that is so simple and so effective but is often overlooked. In fact when I start to tell people how to do it they usually just start nodding their head like “yeah, yeah ok I got that, but what else?”

Sometimes I wanna grab their head, stop it from nodding and say : No, really pay attention, this is BIG and you’re just throwing it away!”

What is it? [Read more…]

Something you need to know (personal)

This may not sit well with you, but it’s something that you need to know, and so I’m just going to come out and say it.

See, the way I see it they’re insulting your intelligence.

Who’s “they”?

THEY are the talking heads you see on TV and hear on the radio. And I’m convinced they’re trying to make you fatter.

Every year at about this time all you see, hear and read about are people making the big three New Year resolutions – more money, quit smoking, and to lose weight.

Now, I don’t know the success rate of the first two, but as a fitness expert and someone who has helped dozens and dozens of folks lose weight and get in better shape, I can tell you (and statistics prove) that most people who resolve to lose weight in the new year are doomed. [Read more…]