I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months. You see a couple of months back I realized that I was still hanging on to some old destructive ways that were threatening to take me back to a place I have no desire to go to.

Those of you that know me know that when it comes to fitness progress and assessment the scale is not one of my go-to indicators.

For so many reasons the scale is pretty much no good when it comes to tracking how much you’ve progressed. All of the following can give you a skewed reading one way or the other:

  • What you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours
  • Your digestion – some of that food may still be in your digestion system. I’ll leave it at that…. [Read more…]

Are You Lazy?

Ok so don’t get offended. I’m probably not talking about you, but I know a lot of lazy people.

21-day challenge at Sacramento gym for women

  • People who would rather have a root canal than go do a workout.
  • People who choose take-out over home cooked, every night of the week because it’s easier than cooking.
  • People who would rather spend time looking for that “magic pill” to and get instant results than put in the work.

Now let me be the first to raise my hand; I have lazy days for sure. [Read more…]

2014 Is The Year Of….

In 2014 I am going to talk to you a lot about getting stronger and getting faster.

In fact that is going to the focus of our work in our Sacramento fitness studio.

And if you are interested in losing fat and “toning” up then you’ll want to pay close attention because getting stronger and faster can make the fat loss and toning thing happen in a flash.

I know. I spent all of 2013 transforming myself and those are the main things I focused on.

You see I spent most of 2011 and 2012 doing squats to have a nice butt. Push-ups to have great arms. And I ran long distances to burn fat.

I stayed chubby. [Read more…]

Fat Burning Mini-Band Workout

I know you’re busy this week and you may be tempted to skip your workouts but don’t.

That is the perfect recipe for gaining 5 lbs before the New Year (yup it can happen that quick).

I  made a quick video of some moves you can, and even though I went to my boot camp studio in Sacramento ca you can do this same workout at home. All you need is your trusty mini-band. [Read more…]

Avoid Fat Spillover Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big eating day for a lot of you. Tons of carb loaded dishes and sweet treats. I know some of that stuff you only eat just this one time each year.

The last few emails I’ve been talking about the fact that you can’t outwork a bad diet, and that is still 100% true. So am I here to tell you to not eat all that delicious food tomorrow? Nope. Lets be real, it’s happening.

I think it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to eat “perfectly” 100% of the time. [Read more…]

This IS The Truth and There’s No Way Around It

If you’re not where you want to be physically, then you really need to hear this. This is the truth and there’s no way around it…..

I’ve tried it, tested it on me and hundreds of others. My friends have tried it, my colleagues all over the world have tried it. Every angle has been addressed, every method tested. And this one truth does not change…..



. <-that means period.

So many of you bang your head against the proverbial weight/fat loss wall over and over again trying to (subconsciously I hope) prove me wrong. Save yourself. I already know the outcome with 100% certainty. [Read more…]

Holiday Calories and Workouts

It’s that time of year where if you allow it, everything can get in the way of you getting your workouts in.

The average person gains 7-12 pounds during the holiday season.

Of course a HUGE part of that is in the food that is everywhere but just as key is the lack of consistent workouts.

Put at its absolute most basic, you gain weight when you take in more calories than you expend. And if you are eating all kinds of yummy treats (more calories) and not burning anything extra it’s easy to see where those pounds just creep on. Not don’t misunderstand me; you CAN NOT out work a bad diet. [Read more…]

The Secret Of Spot Reducing

You’ve heard of “pear shape” “apple shape” etc. These refer to where a persons bodies stores the most fat.

About 99% of the time when I meet someone for a 1-on-1 Success Session they tell me that they need to work on one spot in particular; usually their belly, thighs, or arms. They want to hit there trouble spot hard to make it shrink.

No wonder, magazines and social media will have you believe that in order to get a flat belly you need to work those abs. Or to get a nice butt you simply have to squat and lunge more.

No don’t get me wrong squats and lunges WILL give you a nice butt. And planks, burpees and leg raises contribute to a nice midsection but not in the way you think. [Read more…]

Don’t End Up Skinny Fat

Skinny fat? ….what in the world is that??

The official definition (from wikepedia): Normal weight obesity is a condition of having normal body weight, but high body fat percentages and has the SAME health risks as traditionally classified obesity.

Translation: This is a person who has dieted so aggressively that her body has used most of her muscle for fuel leaving her with more fat than muscle and although she may be “skinny” and fit into her smaller jeans she is in fact obese.

Her clothes will hang and sag in all the wrong places, she ends up smaller, but is still not happy with how she looks. All her hard work has left her “skinny fat”. Or normal weight obese. Yikes!

But it’s no joke, in my 1-on-1 days I used to work with women who weighed pretty close to 100 pounds and yet had clinically obese levels of bodyfat made from years of starvation diets and aerobics. [Read more…]

The Junk Has Got To Go

Today I’m going to dole out a little tough love, so brace yourself and know that this is for your own good. It’s time that we had an uncomfortable little talk about a very important issue…

That junk food in your house.

You know the stuff that I’m talking about. The ice cream jammed into the back of your freezer. The packaged cookies that you say are for the kid’s lunches. The candy stash that’s leftover from the last few holidays.

Those bags of crunchy, salty snacks in your pantry. The bottles of soda that you know you shouldn’t drink. And the list goes on…

Here’s the bottom line: If you eat junk food then you’ll get fat. Junk = Fat. tumblr_m1n1e6uE4d1ro1nudo1_500-192x300

Now I know that you have justified the presence of junk food in your house,so let’s walk through three of these justifications and I’ll shine some truth on it for you.

1) It’s For The Kids: This is the oldest excuse in the book when it comes to keeping junk food in the house. It’s flawed for many reasons, namely because you know you eat some of it.
When junk is in the house you are bound to eat some of it at times. And your kids should NOT be eating junk food on a regular basis, such as in their lunches. It’s not good for them and it’s not good for you.

2) A Little Bit Won’t Hurt: When you keep junk food in the house you’re fooling yourself if you think that you only eat a little bit of it. The contents of your kitchen become the things that you habitually eat. If there’s junk in the house then you habitually are eating it, and a little bit of junk every day adds up to a LOT of junk over a week or month. And you wonder why you haven’t lost the weight yet…

3) Life’s Too Short: YOLO, right? (You Only Live Once) If this is your excuse for having junk food in the house, then I’ve got a new one for you. YOLO, so why not live that life in a healthy, fit, attractive body that’s full of energy, free from aches and pains and looks amazing?! [Read more…]