“…If it’s All The Same, I’ll Have A Snickers Thank You”

Things have been crazy at the BBC HQ. Last Saturday we had 18 ladies start the 21k challenge. I’ll keep you posted on how they do.

This challenge is a little different from the programs I usually do because instead of giving them done-for-you menus, the ladies each have their own calorie intake goal and are making their own food choices, making sure to note their portions and record everything. Since I don’t believe in starving yourself (all it does is make you lose muscle, not fat) most of the ladies have gotten a number far higher than any other “diet” that they’ve done in the past. I think a few were quite happy about that “huge” number of calories they could eat and had visions of Starbucks lattes, snack size bags of chips and other “goodies” they could now afford to have in their daily life.

Well when I slightly balked at the suggestion a particular client had that she could still eat her McDonalds in the morning, her SB skinny frappe in the afternoon and have her serving of ice cream every night and still stay within her calorie goal for the day. She asked me: “Well why not? As long as I stay in my calorie range, why can’t I eat whatever I want?” [Read more…]

Let’s Break It Down To The Basics

When you first start off on your mission to drop some L-B’s the most impacting factor is the calorie deficit you create. You need to burn more than you take in.

Side note: In the beginning it really is that simple. As you progress, lose more weight, get leaner and more fit, sometimes more manipulation is needed but for the sake of this post, let’s just talk about you being a beginner or intermediate exerciser.Learn to eat right at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp [Read more…]

Be a Weekend Warrior-for August

Today I have two gifts for you, one for every single person reading this and one for 15 Booty Boot Camp newbies.

First up, tracking your progress is a key element in making sure that you reach your goals on time and exactly as planned.

Keep track of your progress at Booty Boot Camp

Today I’m sharing with you my 30-day progress tracker so you can chart your progress from day 1 to day 30. In it I share exactly what methods of tracking you should use and why. There are also step-by-step directions on how to do it and a place for 30 days worth of pictures and measurements. You can print it up and start using it today!

A gift for you:  30-day-progress-tracker

Next; last week we moved into our new 3,000 sq ft facility and we are having a great time utilizing all the new space. While the official grand opening is not for a few months, I’ve decided to have an unofficial grand opening right now and invite 15 women to come lose weight and tone up with us.

I’ve spent the last few weeks developing my ‘Weekend Warrior Weight Loss’ program to help you drop 6-12lbs in the next 30 days. That is an entire jean, skirt or dress size! While most people are giving in to the lazy days of summer you could go into Sacramento’s Indian summer looking amazing.

And the best part is it is F.ree…… but only for 15 ladies.

Bring out your inner warrior at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp

Here are the details:

  • My team and I will take your measurements and pictures and help you fill it all in on your progress tracker. We will continue to re-measure and take pictures for 30 days.
  • You will receive a complete 30-day, step-by-step menu complete with recipes and grocery lists
  • I’ve created 2 At-home cardio workouts and
  • 2 At-home strength training workouts
  • Access to EVERY Saturday Booty Boot Camp workouts with us July 30 –August 27 (workouts are at 8:30am)

Would you even know what to do with yourself if you were 12lbs lighter in 30 days? Maybe you’d take yourself to the mall for some shopping or maybe take yourself shopping in your own closet cause you can get into some of those too tight outfits that have been sitting there for-Evvvveeerrrr.

As I’m sure you’ve realized this is kind of a crazy program for me to give away for free. I’ve put hours and hours into the development of it and I could easily charge at least $97 for it (and I just might in the near future and it’ll be well worth it) but since I’m super excited about my new space and probably a little delirious from all the long hours that went into getting it ready, for the next 6 days, it’s my gift to you…..but only for the first 15 committed action takers.

To make sure I get the best group possible answer these questions:

1. Are you new to Booty Boot Camp? This program is to introduce women who have never tried Booty Boot Camp to the program.

2. Check your schedule, can you attend either the July 30 or August 6th Saturday workout at 8:30am to have your initial pictures and measurements taken.

3. Still looking at your schedule; make sure you can attend at least 3 of the 4 (or 5) Saturday workouts between now and August 27th.

4. Take a look at yourself in the mirror; do you see some things you’d like to change in the next 30 days and just as important, do you see a woman that is determined to get it done?

If you can answer YES to the above 4 questions then give my assistant Sarah a call at 925-321-5053. She will reserve your spot, schedule your first workouts so we can take your measurements and pictures and she will make sure that you receive the menus and at-home workouts in time to get started.

Here are your action steps:

1. Call Sarah and reserve your spot. Don’t procrastinate there are only 15 spots. 925-321-5053

2. Print up your 30-day-progress-tracker and bring it with you to your first Saturday workout.


Today is the PERFECT day to get started.




Coffee Lovers Delight! (Recipe)

great coffee recipe at Booty Boot CampStarbucks, Pete’s, heck even McDonalds all have a blended Iced Coffee drink. And as hot as it’s been, I know you might have gotten a little tempted to indulge in one. Or even if ordering one of those calorie filled concoctions is not an option for you, you have to admit, it does look pretty tasty and the partakers look pretty happy with their purchase……until they go to get into their skinny jeans or their halter tops springs up like a roll-up shade. Even now that you can customize them at certain places and make them “lighter” they still aren’t really a good fit for you and the goals that YOU have, right? Right.

But you do not have to go the rest of your life without ever experiencing the joys of blended coffee. I have a frozen coffee delight that does fit right into your “get leaner” plan and it’s delicious. You could even have it for breakfast guilt free. The recipe is below. Blend one up and enjoy.

Iced Raspberry Mocha!

Brew one cup of coffee (I used Hazelnut, regular is fine, as is decaf),

add 4 ice cubes

1 3/4 scoop Prograde Lean Chocolate Flavor Meal Replacement

2 tbsp. pecans (or almonds)

1/4 c frozen raspberries.

Blend.  Enjoy!

This IS The Truth and There’s No Way Around It…

Before reading this any further, take a second and look down at your body. Hopefully you see lots of changes from your regular exercise program and have a few things to feel proud of. However, for most of us, there are still those nagging things that we’d like to address; a little extra belly fat left over. Maybe a little more thigh spread than we’d like.  Perhaps you’ve lost a lot of weight but you still want/need to lose some more. Ok, have you identified some of your goals?

Here is the truth. I’ve tried it, tested it on me and hundreds of others. My friends have tried it, my colleagues all over the world have tried it. Every angle has been addressed, every method tested. And this one truth does not change…..



. (that means period)

[Read more…]

Fat Flushing Recipes

In just 18 days it will be officially summer. I’m pretty sure the weather will catch on eventually, but until it does, just think of all this weird gloomy stuff as an extension on the time you have to get your summer body on.
This coming Monday, June 6th my 14-day Fat Flush starts and it’s gonna help a lot of women get going in the right direction, and you should be one of them.
I’ve been spending the last few hours creating the nutrition plan that will go with the 2 weeks of Fat blasting workouts and I wanted to share two of the recipes with you.
[Read more…]

If It Wiggles and Jiggles You Need To Be Doing This….

The number one question I get asked is: “How do I make my belly (triceps, butt, thighs, or pick your problem spot) tight and firm?”

And here is my answer (and a workout to help get it done)…..

If it wiggles, jiggles, is puffy or bulges, then that is excess fat and excess fat is shed by proper nutrition and cardio (interval preferred). The “toning” or strength training exercises that you do for said problem spot, will build shape, size (if desired), and the overall form of your body.

Let me put it like this; let’s say you have triceps (the back of your arms) that move a little too freely when you move your arms and you start a intense regimen of strength training to firm them up, you can in fact build killer, awesome triceps muscles but if you don’t get the fat that’s actually doing the wiggling and jiggling off the top you won’t really be able to see the fruits of all your labor.

On the flip side, if you only dieted and did cardio and never added any muscle with resistance training, then you would end up with a smaller arm with less fat that jiggles but it would still definitely jiggle.

So you need the trifecta combo of proper nutrition, strength training and interval cardio.

Intervals are actually not complicated at all and there are hundreds of options that you can do right in your own home without any equipment. I show some of them in this 3rd and final clip from our morning show gig last week and I lay the exact workout for you right underneath it.

Wiggle and Jiggle Buster (warm up for 5-7 minutes before)

Quick Feet moving in and out – Tip: keep your feet close to the ground; it’s not a huge lift. You’re really only lifting your heels. Take fast tiny steps out nice and wide past your shoulders and all the way narrow. Keep your knees slightly bent the whole time. You should get your heart rate up and feel a burn in your hips and thighs! -20 seconds

Speed Skaters –30 seconds –Tip: Exaggerate your arm movements. We want to use as many muscles as possible and burn lots of calories.

Single leg deadlift –10 reps on each leg (this is the recovery move. You can also swap it out for a move that targets your personal trouble spot)

Do entire circuit 5 times.

Ok so now for an awesome workout combine all three workouts from the last 2 blog posts and this one into one calorie burning, juggle busting, booty shaping, sexy arms, flat abs workout in about 30 minutes.

Have fun!

Sexy Arms Workout

When you think of nice arms, you probably picture tight, lean arms without any excess jiggle. You probably picture arms with definite curves and shape vs an arm that appears to be more tubular shaped.
Now some women like a super cut athletic look, almost a little on the muscular side, and some like the “long lean” look with soft definition. Surprisingly, both are achieved with pretty similar methods (in the beginning at least).
Now how do you get ‘em? Biceps curls, Triceps dips? Yes, those are a part of it but you’re probably forgetting a muscle that makes all the difference – your shoulders, your side delts to be exact. You see, your side delt muscle actually takes up the top third of your get Michelle's arms at Elk Grove's Booty Boot Camparm and is one of the main things that give you that “separation” in your arms so that you have shape. Again, you can make that definition as strong or as soft as you prefer but either way, you’re gonna want to work those muscles if nice arms for the summer is your goal.


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Weight Loss Tips, Tricks and Recipes

This week I shared with you my own experience with losing 15lbs in 3 weeks and how I did it eating what some would consider a crazy high amount of calories.

I want to stress again that my goal is not to make you think that YOU need to, or should, lose that much weight that fast or that YOU can eat as many calories as I did and still lose weight.

But some of you have asked me why I can eat so much and still lose weight and the answer is; [Read more…]

15lbs In 3 Weeks –My True Story

If you are reading this and you are one of my clients then you know about a personal health struggle I dealt with last year into early this year. If you are not one of my clients, then let me sum it up for you in 2 sentences: I had the worst possible case of Valley Fever (a respiratory fungus infection) you can get, it spread throughout my body for over 18 months and caused all kinds of health problems. While I was going through all of this I was physically unable to work out AND due to some early misdiagnosis, I was under extreme mental distress because I thought I had been dealt a near death sentence.
I am happy to say, I was properly re-diagnosed, have been on medicine for 3 months now and am at about 90% of normal.
I’m telling you this because during all this, I’ll admit it…I put on some weight. I’m human. But now that I’m feeling pretty darn fantastic I have been on a mission to get back to my old self and my old body…. the body I had a couple of years ago before all this drama started. The body that actually fits the clothes that are in my closet (can you relate?). I am 100% determined and dedicated and I have lost 15lbs in the last 3 weeks. [Read more…]