Peer Pressure. Use It

It’s Monday and Monday’s are made for “fresh starts”.

By now you know that I believe that any given moment is the perfect moment to start fresh. However, a fresh week, month or year has its energy and allure, there is no denying that.

The thing is if every other Monday you are “starting fresh” then maybe it’s time to add something else to your plan.

I’m not talking about a new workout or a new “diet”. I’m talking about good old fashioned peer pressure.

Even though we often associate this as being bad, there actually is good peer pressure and it just might be the thing you need to add to your fitness success formula.

Take this in: It’s a fact that people perform better when they are accountable to others, with others and others are counting on them to come through on what they say they will do.

On your own you may talk yourself out of working out on any given night or early morning but if you know that you have a group of people or a trainer who is expecting you, you’ll be much more likely to go.

On your own you may rationalize that because you’re tired or your day was extra hectic that it’s ok to eat 3 slices of pizza tonight instead of cooking.

However if you and a buddy have decided to focus on positive nutrition changes together and you both committed to sticking to your plan, you’re more likely to actually stick to the plan. goal

You may even send each other texts to confess a near slipup and you’d take turns motivating each other to stay focused.

So call it peer pressure, an accountable buddy, whatever, but someone to hold your feet to the fire is priceless.

So how do you enlist this positive peer pressure?

  • Ask your spouse to help keep you on track when in the privacy of your own home
  • Tell your co-workers, even start a work week challenge with them.
  • Enlist a friend that already models the habits that you want to practice check in with you once a week to see how you’re doing.
  • Ask your kids to help. Kids LOVE to tell their parents what to do and if you think you’ll be able to sneak ANY “treats” in your mouth with them around, think again.
  • Get involved with a fitness program like my Get StrongHer Boot Camp which is more like a strength camp. It’s a group of supportive,like-minded women who are striving to do the same things you are. Plus the help of a fitness professional who knows a thing or two about getting you in shape 😉 . You can reply back if you want to set up a visit and a trial.

Notice how almost all of these require asking for help and putting yourself out there.

I know that is not easy and I personally fought this for a long time. I thought I should be disciplined enough, focused enough, bla, bla, bla and all that other perfectionist nonsense to do it all on my own.

It never served me and at the end of the day, it just wasn’t working. So I had to be vulnerable and step up and say “Yes I’m a fit pro but I also need help and accountability.” Best decision ever and I haven’t looked back since.

Trust me on this, build your dream support team and watch how you excel!