The Truth About Your Diet

Can I just be real with you for a minute?

I am going to speak to you from my heart a bit and it’s going to seem likes it’s all about me. But really it’s about you.

It’s about how I want to help YOU finally get to where you want to be with your health and fitness goals.

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Black Friday Survival Guide

istock-shopping-Silhouette-199x300  There is a good chance that you are reading this after you’re enjoyed a (huge) delicious meal with your family and before you get ready to head out to some can’t-miss-deal at your favorite store.

So since I have you as a captive audience for a bit I want give you a few tips so that you can survive tomorrows shopping “festivities” with as little damage to your waist-line as possible.

After all, I’ve been drilling into you the fact that you can’t outwork a bad diet so even though it’s ok to treat and splurge a bit. We gotta keep the main goal in mind. These tips will help. [Read more…]

Weigh More, Smaller Jeans Size

So I posted this picture last week on the facebook fanpage

look and feel leaner with Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp






As you can see it shows a lady that went from 127lbs to 136lbs and is clearly smaller, tighter and more defined.

Since you’re a reader of this blog I’ll assume you know the “how” but do you know the “why”?


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Eating Out This Weekend? Avoid This…

A couple of days ago I did a blog post about making most of your meals at home if you want optimal results fast.

But, I got several emails from some of you saying yeah, but it’s not realistic that I’m never going to eat out and I still want to lose weight so what should I do?

You are absolutely right.

Burn off those calories at Booty Boot Camp

And things actually have gotten easier for us calories watchers since restaurants are required to put the nutrition info next to every meal. I don’t know about you but I’ve been shocked at what I see more than a time or two. Most restaurants also feature a “light” menu now to make up for all their calorie secrets being outed but if you’re like me, that light menu can look a little drab when compared to the rest of the calorie loaded fare on the menu. So I’m going to give you 3 quick tips that you can use to transform a meal off of the regular menu into a flat abs supportive meal. Warning: not every meal is salvageable; you need to be ok with that :).

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind if you eat out this weekend:

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How To Avoid The Late Night Munchies


One concern that I often hear a lot from my clients in Booty Boot Camp is the fear of eating late.

I think it’s safe to say that we have all heard the advice to not eat after a certain time, say 7pm. Most of us have come to believe that if we do eat past that magical cut off time, our weight loss efforts are doomed to failure.

But this is simply not true as a cut and dry fact. There’s more to it than that.

One thing you must understand is that it is not necessarily just that you are eating late that’s the problem. What you eat AND if it fits into your overall calorie allotment for the day is what you really need to keep an eye on. If you graze all night, you will definitely be over your calories for the day, and your diet efforts could be shot.

Consider this; after a full day of healthy, portion controlled eating,
night time grazing is more about satisfying an urge to munch as opposed to true hunger. Wouldn’t you agree?

So what can you do?

First, you need to re-commit to yourself to the bigger picture; the process of making lifestyle changes, not just putting yourself on another diet. If night time munching is one of the reason that you’ve put on weight over the years, then it is obviously one of the things in your life that needs to change.

Does that mean you’ll never again sit down to a big bowl of buttered popcorn after dinner?

Of course not. You and I both know that to say we are cutting something we truly love out of our life forever is a recipe for failure.

This is about you getting control over your actions. You deciding when you will have a late night snack and

not just marching into the kitchen like some food crazed zombie.

Next, you need to get control -this can take on more than one form:

  • Adjust your meals and snacks throughout the day so that you have a few hundred calories to "play" with at night. In other words, give yourself some leeway. Maybe eat a slightly smaller lunch so you can have a slightly larger dinner.
  • Try saving your last snack of the day for your after dinner munching.
  • Note: Just be careful not overload your night time calories, your metabolism will stay more active and your weight/fat loss results will be faster if you spread your calories as evenly as possible throughout the day.
  • After a healthy dinner and snack, sip on your favorite calorie-free flavored water, even if you’re not thirsty. Just having flavor on your tongue can keep you for reaching for a diet killing treat. You can also try chewing on gum.

Change is not easy. Give yourself time to make the adjustment to more balanced eating. Strive to make small changes every day and over time you will get to your goals.

4 More of the Worst Exercises Of All Time


4.) Fly Machine            

If your goal is to tear your pecs and destroy your rotator cuff, then I highly recommend that you add this exercise to your routine. I think the chest fly machine actually gets even more play than the bench press, which is considered to be the most popular exercise for guys.

The problem is not only the destruction of the major muscles of your body, but the elimination of the main stabilizing muscles surrounding your shoulders. So when you decide to pick up something overhead, like moving your plates from the dishwasher to the overhead cabinets, your muscles will be shaking and your arms will get tired faster than you can count to one-1. Men also tend to use all the weight in the weight stack, helping cause shoulder impingement and even biceps tendinitis.

21 Century Training Upgrade:For strong, stable shoulders focus on performing an equal amount of pushing and pulling exercises. In the beginning, I want you to perform more pulling exercises (pull-ups, rows, deadlifts) than pushing exercises because you’ve probably been neglecting your rear shoulders and upper/mid muscles. The best pushing exercise you can do is any push-up variation, as it not only safely trains the entire front side of your body, but also engages your upper back musculature in a way that the bench press does not. Furthermore, the push-up is much safer. Have you ever heard of someone dying from falling on their nose while performing a push-up?

5.) Elliptical Machine

Look-if you are really, really overweight and haven’t exercised in over a decade, then I think an elliptical has some use. Especially when you consider that walking and running inflicts up to three to seven times your body weight of force back into your body. So, if you weigh 100 pounds, every step you take when you walk sends 300 pounds of force back into your body. Think of squatting 300 pounds of weight on your back, that should give you a general idea of why when you first start your workout program you have a lot of knee or ankle aches.

So, it’s true that it is a low-impact alternative to running on a treadmill, but because you don’t move your legs as much on an elliptical as compared to the treadmill, you won’t burn as many calories, meaning you don’t burn your fat.

Also, it promotes hyper-extension of the knee. If you haven’t seen a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight, imagine being put into a knee bar, or in other words, bending your knee the opposite way it’s supposed to bend. Now, add the extra forces on your knee and PRESTO, you have multiple knee injuries.

Think about it-look at all the people who are using the elliptical and most of them have one thing in common, they are reading magazines and area still overweight. Even the ones that have been there since the gym opened. You know who I am talking about.

At the end of the day, you can read a magazine while on an elliptical.
But do you think reading on an elliptical will help you lose weight
when you’re not even breaking a sweat and you’re not even focused on
what you’re supposed to do?

Trust me, I have been there. I used to convince myself that the elliptical was for my clients with  torn up knees. But then I decided one day that the best thing was for them to lose some weight. I prescribed some corrective stretching, used a foam roller, so the muscles around the knee could support itself much better, and worked on hip and ankle mobility to take pressure off of the knees so that they could get back to doing more strenuous activities pain-free.

I want to leave you with this question. How hard is it for you to do a report for work when you are watching TV, reading a magazine, and listening to music at the same time?

Hopefully you said a long time…maybe even NEVER. Now, don’t you read a magazine, or watch TV or listen to music, or even all of the above: and you expect this same recipe to help you lose weight?

21 Century Training Update:For optimal results during your cardio training, you must focus on intervals, when you have prepared your body enough. They burn 9 times more body fat than aerobics-meaning what you’re doing now on the treadmill (walking or jogging for 20 to 45 minutes). This will result in greater improvements in your conditioning than long, slow, boring cardio, and give you a lean, sleek, stream-lined body.

6.) The Sex Machine-Abductor/Adductor Combo

Ah, the sex machine…this one just makes me smile. It certainly takes me back to the days where the meatheads would shamelessly gawk at this outrageously good-looking gal who did 1,000 reps on the adductor/abductor machine to fit into her "skinny jeans."

But, I can assure you, this machine had nothing to do with her nice body-rather it was a combination of genetics, a clean diet, and being a tri-sport athlete that did the trick.

You see, most women seem to think that this exercise can somehow, magically pinpoint their thighs to blast away the fat like a laser-guided missile.

I have heard many women ask,"What exercise can I do to get rid of this flab inside my leg?" But it all boils down to the same thing; get on a training program, and choose multi-joint, multi-muscle exercises, and you will blast the flab away like a torch melts steel.

Spot reduction is a myth. I know you know that, but you want to try to find the easy way. Although you can work your butt off by doing adductor/abductor machine thousands of times for thousands of reps, no amount of direct inner or other hip-thigh work will burn that ugly fat covering that sexy toned musculature every one wants to see, so let it go, baby. If there were an easy way, I’d let you know because I’d be the first one on it, trust me.

Again, start consuming lean proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and veggies every 2-4 hours while chugging water like a fish.

Then you need to get off this time-wasting machine and get real thigh-blasting, fat burning, total body workout!

21 Century Training Upgrade:The best exercise for your inner and outer hip/thigh will come from side plank variations, any and all single-leg exercises, and especially lateral lunges. Lateral lunges stretch and contract the sides of your thighs at the same time, giving you everything you need in one move.

7.)Leg Press Machine

I know the simplest way to do things is normally the best, but when it comes to working out, the easiest way isn’t the best. So many people prefer the leg press. I mean, what’s wrong with it? You get to lay or sit on your butt, depending on the exact type of leg press machine being used, put a bunch of weight on it, and work your leg only half the way. Don’t forget it is an easy way to break your back.

So you want nice legs? Oh, and flat, sexy abs? No problem. Just squat! Sorry you can’t squat lying down, I know that would be easier, but then it wouldn’t be work, would it?

Squats don’t just work your legs, but require your whole body to work together. The problem is that since it works almost your entire body, you need to put in supreme effort and be ready to sweat. If you aren’t willing to work, then you’ll get crap results, not just from squats, but from any exercise, period.

The leg press, like I said, could easily break your back. You become hunched when the weight comes down. A hunched back can’t take weight like a straight back can. Don’t confuse straight as in straight up and down. Rather, in an extended, stretched position. With such a position your back can tolerate huge loads and support almost an infinite amount of weight. The hunched back, on the other hand, creates abnormal stress in certain parts of your back and can easily give you a bulging or herniated disk.

Too much weight + Poor form = Back Injury. So if you are really choosing the leg press over squatting, then you don’t know squat, pun intended.

21 Century Training UpgradeThe best and safest exercises for your lower body are a healthy combination of double-leg and single-leg exercises using free weights and body-weight-based exercises. Be sure to perform an equal amount of knee-dominant lower body exercises (e.g. squats and lunges) and hip-dominant lower body exercises (e.g. deadlifts and single-leg hip extensions) to make your knees, hips, and back bulletproof. In fact, most people are very knee-dominant and could benefit from starting with performing a greater number of hip-dominant movements to balance out their lower body musculature.

You’ll notice one common trend among all of these crap exercises: they all involve MACHINES!

Machines, like I said earlier, are meant for the average person, and no one fits into the average. Free weights, yes, the dumbbells, barbells, bands and cable machines are really meant for you. Yes, they take more effort, but effort means work, and work means losing weight.

So get off those silly contraptions and focus on whole-body movements using any of the tools for your body besides machines. Not only will you be a fat-burning monster, you’ll end up with a body that would impress even the Greek statues. Don’t forget-because you are working on whole-body movements, you won’t end up hunchbacked by the time you’re fifty and you will have a confident aura about you.

Remember, "Average is Not Enough"

Sarai Jones

What other exercises do you see people doing in the gym that make you cringe? What other exercises to you absolutely hate? What exercises have gotten you (or your clients) hurt in the past? Please share your personal experiences by posting a comment to this blog post, thanks!

3 Of The Worst Exercises Of All Time!


In the past, I’ve shared my top secret exercises to help you lose fat faster by doing total-body exercises that use tons of muscles in each move that you do.

Whether it’s compound movements for your upper body (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, rows, dips, etc.), lower body (squats, dead-lifts, lunges, etc.) or core (plank holds and rotational core exercises) these "many muscle" exercises provide the biggest bang for your buck during your workouts requiring MINIMAL time, but giving you MAXIMUM results.

Today though, I want to talk to you about something different. Today, let’s bring our focus on the WORST exercises you could ever add to your training routine.

I believe that a lot of women turn to these "easy" exercises because they just don’t know what else to do or are intimidated by the free-weight room at their gym.

You’ll never see me perform these movements because it’d give half the results in double the time and probably hurt me in more ways than one.

I truly believe that sometimes learning what NOT to do is just as beneficial as learning what you SHOULD do.

So let’s get to the three exercises that you would never want to do in your life!

1.) The Abs Machine

Crunches and sit-ups aren’t necessarily deadly; but because most people do them all the time, it creates a lot of bad force on your low-back and neck which will cause you many awkward pains ranging from your neck to low back.

Do you want to know whats worse?

When you add weight and use a machine that isn’t specifically made for your body. It’s made for the average person on about 5’6". Even if you are 5’6", do you have the exact same arm/back/leg length that the machine was made for?

With all those factors it’s no wonder that it trains you in an unnatural front and back motion. Plus you are in a seated position that demands minimal use of your core, meaning even more room for injury.Now add to that that we already mimic a crunch in life. For example: look at most people who stand or sit with poor posture, don’t they resemble someone before a sitting crunch or someone on an ab machine? Add even more crunches and sit-ups and you’ll just get triple the disaster on your back.

You may be saying, "But I feel the BURN!" And I’ll say, there’s better ways to make your abs work, rather than literally tearing up your spine. It’s a high risk exercise, only meant to be used for certain circumstances.

Remember, your core is meant to stabilize you when you are standing and when you are moving so you can stand nice and tall from your hips and to your shoulders in any way you can move (front to back, side to side and if you rotate).

21 Century Training Upgrade: For rock hard, Greek goddess abs, focus on plank stabilization exercises like from, side and back planks, as well as ground based rotational core work like chops variations and upper body twist. Also work on your diet. Without the diet, you’ll never see the washboard abs that you can do laundry off of.

2.)The Back Machine

As you can tell, I am not a fan of the abs machine, so it figures that I am also not a fan of the reverse of it, the back machine. This is another exercise you should avoid for more reasons than I have fingers to count on.Here’s just one:

You probably already use too much "back" on most movements because your butt and hips aren’t working like they’re supposed to. Meaning they are too weak to do what they are supposed to do, so other muscles have to take over.

An easy way to think about it is when you are moving a heavy couch that needs 4 people to lift it. First four people lift it, then say one person decides not to hold it up anymore, so now there’s only three people lifting. How much heavier is it for each person? Now imagine another person decides to stop lifting and you only have two people holding the couch. Imagine how your back is now. Your butt and your hips are those two people that decided to rest. Your back and arms are left over, trying to take the slack.

So instead of focusing on your back, let’s focus on strengthening your hips, especially the front part of your thighs by focusing on squat based movements that really get you using your butt, big time.

21 Century Upgrade: For a strong, stable back, work on deadlift and good morning variations while simultaneously focusing on the corrective stretching and self-massage of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip (LPH) complex, meaning you back, butt and front/back/inner/outer thighs. A prone cobra or airplane as it it sometimes called is also a great exercise to improve your back endurance while also improving your upper back strength and stability.

3.) The Leg Extension Machine

This exercise is a personal one for me. When I first started lifting weights, I abused this exercise like few others.

Most women love to abuse this machine like crazy. They see the pictures of the lean sculpted fitness models sitting on this and think this is the machine for them to bring out those cuts in their legs.

Here’s the truth-if you want knee replacement surgery, use this exercise 3 times a week for a year. If you don’t want your knees to be wrecked and have horrible stabbing pain that will lead to arthritis, avoid this machine like the plague.

21 Century Training Upgrade:For strong, stable knees, focus on both knee-dominant (lunge, step-up, and single-leg squat variations) AND hip-dominant single-leg exercises (single-leg hip extension, deadlift, and good morning variations) to keep the strength of both legs the same AND to help keep the front and back thighs and your inner and outer thighs balanced between each other. With balanced muscles comes stability, and with stability comes strength.

The 5 Biggest Obstacles for Busy Moms


I have had the pleasure of personally working with hundreds of busy moms over the course of my fitness career.

WORKOUT? There’s no time! I can’t even go to the bathroom!

I love working with mothers. They are the most selfless clients I have ever worked with, almost to a fault. Honestly, I wish they would just be a little more selfish sometimes because if they aren’t healthy, then their entire family will go downhill. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel better.

Many good mothers have a hard time when it comes to their fitness. In general, they tend to think that it’s okay to put all of their personal goals and desires aside as if they’re merely dust to be swept off the floor for the good of their friends and family. But in reality, moms are not as effective as they could be when deviating from a healthy lifestyle.

After all, a mom who doesn’t work out will not have the energy to keep her engine pumping 24/7.

Multi-Task Much?

In retrospect, I have identified the 5 anchors that hold most moms back from getting the sexier body they’ve dreamed about. Here they are, in no particular order:

– Too Many Missed Meals- Especially Breakfast!

Many moms work twenty four hours straight – dealing with the stresses of parenting and/or challenging careers. Mornings can be especially
difficult since most moms have to make breakfast for their children and husbands, drive their children to school, and even go to work themselves.

Set that alarm 5 minutes earlier and make it a point NEVER to miss breakfast!

So missing breakfast becomes a reality, often leading to a host of other missed meals and snacks throughout the day. This leads to depriving
yourself of a lean, toned body while also priming your body to overeat junk food later in the day, and storing ugly, unwanted fat, especially around your hips and midsection. Furthermore, this starvation protocol creates low levels of blood sugar which zaps your energy and leaves you feeling awfully sluggish the entire day.

Look- there’s always room for breakfast, you just need to make the time! Better yet, plan ahead. Prepare a breakfast high in lean protein and fiber, so you stay right on course.

One solution that’s worked really well for our clients is called PROGRADE LEAN   It’s a tasty, nutritious, meal replacement shake that contains a whopping 35 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. What’s the best part about it? There’s NO room for excuses! All you need to do is put 2 scoops in water, mix, and enjoy. The Ultimate way for you to get all you need, for the busy mom who needs a good meal.

For more info, please click the link below:

Obstacle#2 – Failing To Make The Daily Workout Appointment

This one is simple, yet oh so powerful. Think about it- moms never miss an appointment for their kids. Why? It’s because they love them, and
stick to their appointments to keep their kids healthy.

Schedule your workouts and stick to them like they are a family obligation!

What would happen to your kids, if something went wrong with you? Do you really love your kids? If you did, then you’d also want to be religious about keep your appointments, especially the fitness ones. You’ll be just as religious with your appointments as with theirs because if you’re not healthy, in the long run you can’t keep them healthy either.

Scheduling is also important. You might like to workout in the afternoon, but with a very busy schedule, you’ll probably need to work out in the morning just like I do. This way the stresses of life do not get to you.

In my experience, most Moms work best when doing their workouts either first thing in the morning while the kids are still sleeping, or right after they drop their kids off at school. It seems that too many unexpected obstacles get in the way of an afternoon or evening workout for the typical mother. But, regardless of when the best time may be, just schedule it in and stick to it like it’s a family commitment!

Obstacle#3 – Too Much Mindless Snacking In The Kitchen During The Day

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a Mom who has “been following the nutrition plan” with limited success to later find out there were
some extra eats and treats in the mix. You know, I know what you’re talking about. It wasn’t that they were being dishonest about it- rather most people don’t count every snack, candy, or “piece” of food they eat (even if the piece ends up being an entire meal).

Think about it – how many people do you see randomly snacking? Now imagine how many times you have popped something in your mouth and haven’t logged it in and now you can see what’s going on. Right?

Many moms spend LOTS of time in the kitchen around tasty food all day- and they eat a lot more of it than they realize!

I know, I know- you have to sample the goods to know if it’s good. But, you need to understand that the occasional taste test can sabotage your fat loss goals.

Furthermore, moms get into trouble with the multiple snacks their children have, and of course it’s tough to pass on food when it’s always in your face. A couple goldfish here, a couple goldfish there, and before you know it you’ve just killed the entire bag of wonderful fishes sure to fatten your waistline.
My advice is to guard your mouth with lock and key. Ask yourself every time you bring something close to your lips the following question: “Will this help me burn fat and build muscle?”

If NO – then throw it away or leave it be, it just ain’t good for ya!

Obstacle#4 – Too Much Cardio While Pushing a Stroller

You need more time, since that’s not possible, then let’s make the way you use your time as efficient as possible. Interval training burns 9x more body fat than long and slow cardio for 45 minutes of your day. Aerobic training burns calories, but doesn’t increase your metabolism and burn fat as efficiently as interval training does. Also, the true power of interval training comes from the intensity of each work period.

Don’t get me wrong, moms should be active and it’s great to be outside and move with your kids. However, I wouldn’t want to see a bunch of moms hurling their child in their stroller, while the mom is trying to do a bunch of sprints. So hopefully you sacrifice some time for yourself, so you can run hard, and speed up your metabolism to burn all the fat you could ever imagine.

Honestly, how much intensity can your cardio workouts have when you are pushing a stroller?

Obstacle#5 – Too Many Glasses Of Wine In The Evening

Nobody wants to hear that a glass or two of wine at night is going to stop your fitness goals in its tracks. But alcohol is oh so bittersweet. It paralyzes the fat-burning process while at the same time creating fat within the body. Plus alcohol tends to lower inhibitions, meaning you don’t care about eating all that scrumptious junk food. Not good!

A couple glasses of wine per day is a your one-way ticket to cellulite city… sorry!

So I say “zip it” to all of those health experts who say: “consuming several glasses of wine a day is healthy because it has anti-oxidants and that keeps you from getting sick.” This is just a bunch of cheap talk from drunk doctors who are trying to convince themselves that it’s okay to drink regularly and keeps you healthy – it’s not by the way.

Fruit and veggies have more health and nutrition than all of the wine in the world, so we just need to cut the BS that wine is an integral part of a healthy diet and you need to start eating what really will get you to cut your waistline. Don’t forget, there’s always grapes.

Now, I want to be sensitive to those busy, hard-working moms who have a glass of wine at the end of the day to unwind and take some of the
load off of their shoulders, because I get that. But I also know there are easy ways to de-stress that don’t have such a negative effect on the way you look. Such activities are stretching, yoga, taking a bath, reading a book, etc.

So please remember – if you booze, you WON’T lose! (Fat that is!)

Top Two Exercise And Diet Tips To Shred The Weight Off



Nothing Beats the Power of Whole Body Workouts, Making Your Body The Terminator of Fat:
This means doing a Five-Exercise Circuit focused on your upper and lower body and everything in between. Do this at least three times per week with a day of rest between workouts and you’ll be wondering when you’ll be starring in the next 300 movie.

Here’s the plan: We’ll call this the 50-10 Split. For 50 seconds, I want you to work as hard as possible, busting your butt off each set. For the first set, you’ll have your double-leg exercise (the squat); the second set, you’ll have your pull (the renegade row), for the third set you’ll have your single-leg exercise (the lunge); for the fourth set, you’ll have your push (push-up) and for the final set you’ll have your core (the Plank).

The 50-10 Split

50 seconds of Squats

10 seconds of Rest

50 seconds of Renegade Rows

10 seconds of Rest

50 seconds of Lunges

10 seconds of Rest

50 seconds of Push-ups

10 seconds of Rest

Lastly, 50 seconds of Plank

Rest for 10 seconds

Repeat 4x, starting back at Squats

Perform up to 4 rounds without rest in between for a killer 20-minute total body workout, leaving you drenched in sweat and shedding away your gut, leaving you looking like a Greek statue.

Intervals, Did Someone Say You Look Like Your 20?:
Want to burn 9 times more body fat than running on a treadmill for 45 minutes and keep it burning for 48 more hours afterwards? Spend 20 minutes doing Intervals and not only will your heart be thanking you in the future, but so too will your body when the weight starts dropping like flies.

Here’s the plan for intervals:

Preparatory Period for those who like Running: On the first week, 3x a week, I want you to be able to work up to jogging at least one fourth a mile. I don’t care how long it takes, as long as you can do the entire ¼ mile without resting. The next week, I want you to do the same thing, except work up to half a mile. On
the third week, I want you to put all your effort into running a full mile. This gives your body a good-prep period before you start the hard work to help avoid shin splints and all the other nasty injuries that’ll keep you from
losing weight.

If you choose to do something else besides jogging, say rowing. Keep the plan the same way, just substitute jogging for rowing.

Preparatory Period for those who like Jump Roping: Oh, and if you wanted to do jumping roping. Here’s a separate plan. On the first week, 3x a week, work up to jump roping for 10 straight minutes. Make sure your arms aren’t flailing, and only your wrist is spinning the jump rope. The next week, jump rope for a total of 20 minutes. On the third week, make it all out effort of 30 minutes. Just like the jogging program, this will give you the prep period and endurance to make sure you really give intervals your all.

The real fun begins after those three weeks. On your non-exercise days, the full body workouts I gave you earlier, do some cardio intervals three times per week.

Here’s how they work:

Select a cardio exercise of your choice. The top choices are running, rowing (if you gym has one), or jump roping (a prerequisite is being able to jump rope for 30 minutes). Now, this 20-10 split is simply 20 seconds
of INTENSE work, following by ten seconds of active rest. Now, repeat eight times, for four minutes total. Active rest for one minute, and repeat the entire thing for up to 20 minutes

If you want to do this at home, do it with jumping jacks, jump squats, or burpees. Use the preparatory period, I wrote for jumping rope for any of these exercises, and you’ll be a lean, mean, fat-burning machine in no time.


You thought you could get away from Eating, just because you’re late for work:
Eat Breakfast when you wake up. Don’t avoid it please. You need to eat every two to four hours to help starve the fat and feed your protein grubby muscle. By constantly feeding the worker bee (your muscle and stomach), they will constantly be revved up through the day, making sure that you don’t eat a hearty meal that will knock you out for the rest of the day – food coma anybody? Enjoy those meals with animal protein (meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc.) and your body will thank you.

The Broom of your body, Eat it with Carbs and Watch Your Body Melt Before Your Eyes – Just the bad stuff of course:
Fiber is your friend, eat lots of green veggies to fill your bell during and between meals. To keep your fat-burning furnace running like a berserk boar, eat simple carbs like fruit, rice, and white bread to within 1-2 of your workout when your body best uses starches and sugars.

Eat an unlimited amount of fibrous, cruciferous green veggies to fill your belly both during and between meals. For optimal fat-burning, try to limit fruit and other carbohydrate consumption to within 1-2 hours post-workout when your body best tolerates starches and sugars.

With these 2 training and nutrition rules, it’ll look like you’ve found the fountain of youth. Your body will transform faster than any of the robots in Transformers and no doubt you’ll be proud of all that you’ve
accomplished, guaranteed.

Stay focused,

Sarai Jones

PS- Please forward this blog post to anybody that you know
who can benefit from it!

The Blame Game



Whose fault is it that you’re out of shape?

If you go by what you hear in diet ads then you believe that it’s anyone’s fault but yours.

The big diet companies think that if they put the blame on you, then you wouldn’t buy their bogus pills. So they put the blame on your cortisol levels, your modern diet (ie fast food), or your busy schedule instead of where it belongs – which is squarely on your shoulders.

Sure, you have obstacles that get in your way – your schedule, your job, your kids, the weather, your knee injury from college…but ultimately you have the body that you accept.

I’m going to repeat that so it will really sink in.

You have the body that you accept.

Embracing the blame for your current weight is not a bad thing – it’s empowering. Think about it. If it really wasn’t your fault, if it really was due to a long list of variables that you have zero control over, then you’d be stuck. You’d have no way to change.

The Secret Behind ‘Before and After’ Pictures

Allow me to pull back the curtain for you on something that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know. You’ve seen countless before and after pictures documenting weight loss as a result of a diet product. Well, there is more involved than just the diet product, and it’s the same across the board.

Look into the eyes of any person in their before picture and you’ll see that they are disturbed. The body they have is no longer in sync with the body they can accept.

They changed the body that they accept.

Now look into their eyes in the after picture – see the sweet satisfaction? They now own the body that they decided they could accept. And what a great feeling that is.

Your Time To Transform

Whether you realize it or not, you already posses everything you need to transform your body, but it all starts with taking responsibility for the body that you have today. You have your current body because until this moment you’ve been OK with it.

Oh sure, you aren’t thrilled with it, and you even talk about losing weight and getting fit, but you haven’t changed what you’ll accept. Here’s how to transform your body in 3 steps:

Step One: Get Disturbed

You’ve heard it said that emotion creates motion. This is essential when it comes to losing weight. Just like those folks in the before pictures, to transform your body you must first decide that you can’t live another day in the body you currently have.

It’s time to get your emotions stirred up. Make a list of all the reasons that you must lose weight and get fit. Get disturbed!

Step Two: Get Focused

Without clarity it’s very hard to get where you want to go. Now that you’re disturbed with the body you have, it’s time to decide what the body you can accept looks like.

I want you to think in concrete and specific terms. Just like the captions under those before and after pictures – "Suzy lost 25 lbs", "Mike lost 8 inches from his waist", "Jenny went from a size 18 to a size 6" .

Get a clear picture in your mind of what you’ll look like in your after picture and visualize what the caption will read.

Step Three: Get Moving

The time spent between your inspiration (now) and your action determines whether you will succeed or fail. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck between inspiration and action – there is always something that you can do right now.

Don’t you agree that you’ll be happier living life in a fit, healthy and attractive body, rather than the body you have today? Of course you’ll be happier.

I’ve helped scores of clients just like you finally lose their unwanted weight.

I am here to take you from your before picture to your after picture, however, you need to bring something to the table – you need to make up your mind about what you’ll accept of yourself.

What will you accept?