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“FINALLY! A Sacramento Weight Loss & Fitness Program That Combines the Ultra Fun Environment and Cost Effective Structure of a Boot Camp WITH the Individualization and Extra Coaching That Personal Training Provides!!”

Personal Training at Get StrongHer

Until now, personal training programs in Sacramento have been built on a one-on-one personal training model. In other words, one personal trainer works with one client…typically for a one-hour personal training session.

And even though that may sound like the ultimate option there are some downsides:

One-on-One Personal training can be boring…
One-on-One Personal training lacks energy…
One-on-one personal training is missing one of the most important factors for weight loss success… SOCIAL SUPPORT.
AND, One-on-one personal training is EXPENSIVE.

Now, on the flip side, One-on-One Personal Training DOES PROVIDE very individualized programming and a very detailed level of coaching. Hold that thought…

Boot Camps are another option and when done right (like we do with Booty Boot Camp at Get StrongHer), are extremely efficient and incredibly effective for weight loss and fitness.

Plus, they are WAY MORE FUN than training alone.

But there is one downside to boot camps as well: the loss of individually focused attention and highly customized training that One-on-One Personal Training provides.

Up until now, it’s pretty much been one or the other, but that’s all about to change thanks to…

Personal Training at Get StrongHer

Personal Training at Get StrongHer is fun…YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!
Personal Training at Get StrongHer is full of energy…YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE!
Personal Training at Get StrongHer provides social support…YOU WILL MAKE GREAT FRIENDS!
Most importantly… Personal Training at Get StrongHer WORKS!

  • Feeling strong. You no longer struggle to do everyday tasks like carry in heavy grocery bags or even lift your growing child.
  • Looking Lean. Catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or glass reflection and being pleasantly surprised by what you see.
  • Having stamina. No more huffing and puffing as you play with your kids, walk up stairs or explore a new town on vacation. You will look and feel fit.
  • Feeling confident. As you step outside of your comfort zone and discover all the new things your body can do week by week your confidence grows and people notice.

Personal Training at Get StrongHer WILL Turn This Fantasy Into a Fact!”

  • 100% personalized training program for YOU. You will not be following a one-size-fits-all program. After thoroughly working with you to ascertain your needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses your coach will develop a program that will get you to your goal in the fastest time possible.
  • We use proven training methods to ensure your results.
  • Focused attention from your coach.
  • Regular progress checks, not just pounds and inches, but strength, mobility, flexibility and more. What you measure you improve. It all adds up to a stronger, leaner, sexier YOU.
  • YES! I’m ready to get amazing results like the rest of your clients. I’m going to click the button below to secure my FREE TRIAL in your one-of-a-kind personal Training Program and learn more info.

Results At An Affordable Rate

Best of all, our Personal Training program at Get StrongHer is at a price that won’t break the bank – A BIG problem with most One-on-One Personal Training programs.
A good, not great, personal trainer in Sacramento is going to run you $65/session.
Most people know that they should train 2-3 times per week with a personal trainer if they want to see results. Well, do the math and you will realize that’s going to cost $520 – $780 per month.
At Get StrongHer we recognize the need for a more affordable program because personal training DOES HAVE A LOT OF VALUE. And, there are a lot of people, perhaps you, who would like to get those benefits, but on a more cost friendly budget.
We Have Great News…
Our Personal Training at Get StrongHer starts as low as $299/month!
Now that’s a bargain!

“We’re Ready to Get You The Results You’ve Always Wanted AND Truly Deserve…Are YOU?”

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