It’s All Fun and Games Til Your Jeans Don’t Fit……

Earlier this week we talked about going guilt-free when it comes to food and having an open relationship with it.

I got some positive feedback from some of you who are actively working toward separating food from guilt (cause honestly, it stinks).

However, with great power comes great responsibility right?

It is my firm hope that you gain the power over food so that it no longer racks you with guilt, but here is the other side to that:

You have to take responsibility for your actions and your decisions.

Eat the cheeseburger and fries or not. Say yes to dessert or No… it is your choice.

I say, make conscious decisions about how and when you move and what and how much you eat.

Acknowledge and accept that all of your actions and choices will determine an outcome and you will need to accept full responsibility for that outcome.

Here’s the thing; I am totally 100% all for eating a cookie on a random Tuesday night if I really truly want a cookie. However, if I do this with some regularity, say 4 times in a week, plus some epic splurge meals on the weekend, I then can’t look in the mirror and lament the fact that I don’t see progress as fast as I’d like it to happen or at all.

The facts are still the facts: You have to create a calories deficit to lose weight. Sugar will affect your ability to burn fat. Alcohol will slow down your fat burning process as well.

No guilt and no regrets or not, those facts do not change. 3
Honestly it’s a tricky subject for me to discuss because I want you to enjoy life, enjoy food, relax and not obsess so much about your body.

The other side of the coin is that a lean, strong body does take a certain amount of discipline.

See why it’s tricky?

Finding that balance between exercising a little more discipline than maybe the average Jane and becoming so consumed by your goals to the point where it is no longer healthy for your spirit is where the work of true transformation comes in.

I don’t believe that in order to love yourself you have to let go of your “how you look” goals. I just don’t think that your self-worth should be defined by the attainment of them.

I don’t think it’s okay to say mean things to yourself because you have not met them, or to deny yourself things you enjoy because your current you is not worth it.

My point for you today is this: you need to accept responsibility for all of it. The incredible transformation, the plateau, the backslide. All of it is because of your decisions and choices.

It was all YOU and I hope that every decision, whether it was to indulge or abstain, was done from a place of positivity.

No guilt, no regrets.

In the words of pre-school children everywhere: “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”.

Conscious, guilt-free choices. Focus on that in 2016.