Peer Pressure. Use It

It’s Monday and Monday’s are made for “fresh starts”.

By now you know that I believe that any given moment is the perfect moment to start fresh. However, a fresh week, month or year has its energy and allure, there is no denying that.

The thing is if every other Monday you are “starting fresh” then maybe it’s time to add something else to your plan.

I’m not talking about a new workout or a new “diet”. I’m talking about good old fashioned peer pressure.

Even though we often associate this as being bad, there actually is good peer pressure and it just might be the thing you need to add to your fitness success formula.

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Guilt Free Dieting

“guilt free dessert”

The other day when I was scrolling through facebook I saw one of those recipe videos that are so popular pop up. The headline was something like “guilt-free brownies” I scrolled right on past. I scrolled a little faster actually. Then I chuckled because I realized that I always scroll past those a little faster.

It’s not because they are not great tasty and useful recipes, it’s that the very first thing, I kid you not, that goes through my head is “I eat whatever I want guilt free.”

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Stay Focused

We have some pretty extraordinary ladies at Get StrongHer. Some are super strong, some extra fast, a few have the endurance of the Energizer bunny.

Others still are so determined, nothing stops them, nothing.

In fact, I truly believe that everyone has a gift, some just haven’t uncovered or acknowledged what theirs is yet.

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Follow My Food Prep

Right before I left on my Dominican vacation I did something that I have not done in a few years; I recalibrated my visual scales, I took a refresher course in portion size and calories count and did a check up on my macro nutrient ratios.

I did this with 20 days of very structured eating. And when I say structured I mean I weighed EVERY. SINGLE. THING I ate and drank.

If I couldn’t measure it and log it ACCURATELY I didn’t eat/drink it.

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The Goals That Don’t Cut It

There are actually goals that are not even worth setting. It leads me to the final reason people fail:

Reason #5 – They Don’t Have Passion

Sometimes this is the case because we pick a goal that has no REAL meaning to us.

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Info Overload (reason #4)

Have you ever felt like you had SO MUCH to do at home or at work that it made you do NOTHING instead?

An overabundance of tasks or information can be downright paralyzing.

The same can happen with your journey to live healthier and develop the habits of a lean, athletic person.

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A New You For 2016?

I know it’s catchy, I know it an easy marketing slogan but this whole “New Year, New You” bit… could we not?

By all means lets strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Want to be leaner? Let’s do it!

Stronger? You don’t even have to ask me twice; you know I’m all in on that one.

But if we’re going to talk about “NEW” lets talk about a new way to get to those goals.

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Your Strongest Muscle

Ever heard someone telling the story of how a pill, natural remedy or routine relieved their pain or healed an ailment?

But then someone usually says “that’s a placebo, it’s all in your head” but they say it like it’s a bad thing.

I see it differently.

I believe that if something can make you have such a strong mental connection to your body that you make physical or emotional changes for the better you should embrace it.

But the reverse is true as well. You can make yourself unwell with your mind or even cause yourself to fail at achieving your goals because of your mind.

Even when it comes to your goal of having a flat stomach or lifted butt.

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Try Sprint Intervals (Not What You Think)

Imagine that you are running a marathon and based on the way you’ve trained for this event at certain intervals you are going to pick up your pace for a specified period of time to get ahead faster, a sprint so to speak.

So you do your sprint and then you turn around and walk back to where you started…..wait huh?

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Their Eyes Go Blank When I Recommend This….

“How many days a week should I work out?”

I get this question a lot and I wish there was a total blanket answer but there just isn’t.

Almost always the answer starts with “it depends….” And then I list some factors to consider.

Because at the end of the day how much you move and how your body handles that movement is very individual. Those factors are critical to you feeling better not just beat down, being healthy and getting results.

So how many days already?

My answer: Two…..(maybe three) to start.

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