Let’s Break It Down To The Basics

When you first start off on your mission to drop some L-B’s the most impacting factor is the calorie deficit you create. You need to burn more than you take in.

Side note: In the beginning it really is that simple. As you progress, lose more weight, get leaner and more fit, sometimes more manipulation is needed but for the sake of this post, let’s just talk about you being a beginner or intermediate exerciser.Learn to eat right at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp

Did you know that approximately 3,500 calories are in a pound of fat? Burn/eliminate 3,500 calories and you’re one pound lighter. Consume 3500 more than you need and you’re one pound heavier.

Unfortunately when people hear facts like this their first thought is to try to eat as little as they possibly can to create that deficit and this rarely leads to anything good over the long term. I mean how long can you stand for your tummy to be rumbling, the headaches and maybe a little irritability…… it’s just not sustainable. And since misery loves company, all that weight you lose while existing on ultra-low calories is gonna be mostly muscle. The less muscle you have the less you can eat. So to make the scale move some more you gotta cut down your calories again, ughh! That my friends is what we call a lose/lose.  It’s the nail in the coffin in my opinion.

On the other end of the spectrum, some decide to eat whatever they want with little to no restrictions and instead exercise, exercise, exercise their way lean. But the downside to this is (ah, there are so many):

1. You can eat way more calories than most of us have time to burn. Grab a bottle of juice -250 calories, eat a few candies of the secretaries desk -175 calories, Leave the sour cream and piles of rice in your lunch time burrito -967 calories…… I mean unless you can work out as hard and as long as an Olympic athlete it’s just not possible to out eat your bad diet.

2. You end up overtraining –Overtraining leads to constant fatigue, poor or no results and overuse injuries. Your body changes when you are at rest, not while you’re performing the activity. If you don’t adequately rest, your body can’t adapt and repair (i.e drop fat and build lean muscle).

3. Just like ultra-low calorie diets, not many people can sustain a 3+ hour per day workout schedule forever.

The Perfect PairI prefer instead a tidy little combo of BOTH. Reduce your calories AND burn extra through intense workouts.

If you were to cut 300-500 calories a day from your diet and burn 500-700 calories a day through exercise for 7 consecutive days, you’d be 2lbs lighter (note: bodies respond a little differently but for most people this is the case).

I know at first glance burning 500-700 additional calories a day through exercise seems like a lot and like it would take a couple of hours. BUT, if you do the right kind of exercise it’ll only take you 45-60 minutes. In fact, it may only take you 30 minutes if you give each workout all you’ve got.  I can tell you it’s NOT zoning out on the elliptical, chatting with a friends as you walk down your neighborhood path. Nope, burning 500-700 calories a day through exercise requires sweat baby. But it feels oh so good (well maybe not while you’re doing it but when you’re done, take a shower and slip on your not-so-tight-anymore pants it does).

But remember I said you need to rest right? That means both sleep and time off from exercise so you really do need to burn about 600 calories a day so that you can take a least one day off from exercise each week,  700+ if you’d like to take two days off (I don’t recommend more than 2-days off a week if at all possible).

Ok, lots of numbers I know, but it really does make it pretty black and white right? Eat 300-500 calories less than you need every day (most of us could probably do that without a single stomach growl). Get a good intense workout in most days of the week lose 1-2lbs. Rinse, repeat.

I’m not changing my stance on WHAT you should be eating, what the best kind of workouts are or any of that. I’m just breaking it down to the super basic. Let’s focus on this for the 21-days and see what happens……as a matter of fact I’m putting together a challenge that does just that. It starts VERY soon and the winner could win a 30-day makeover from me. Stay tuned.