Free Yourself Friday

We are almost to the 1-week mark of our first OctoberFit challenge.

I wanted this challenge to be about more than just a “transformation” in the popular sense as cool as those are.

So while yes, there are killer workouts and even menus, the focus is on movement and taking care of yourself in all ways.

To keep it fun, each day has a theme and a challenge that goes with it.

I want to share todays challenge with you because it’s not your typical “transformation challenge” type challenge.

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Stay Focused

We have some pretty extraordinary ladies at Get StrongHer. Some are super strong, some extra fast, a few have the endurance of the Energizer bunny.

Others still are so determined, nothing stops them, nothing.

In fact, I truly believe that everyone has a gift, some just haven’t uncovered or acknowledged what theirs is yet.

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The Top 5 Reasons People Fail

“I told myself we will not fail”

Heads Up: I’m quote happy in the email ☺

However many people do fail, especially at fitness and health goals.

Over the next several days I want to share with you the top 5 things I have noticed about why people fail at all sorts of things in life that also apply to fitness.

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Eye Opening ONE THING To Try

“All this self-acceptance is cool but I also really want to lose weight”

I’m on it. I have not forgotten that and I’m here to help ☺c8d4e04d25a64a33c185ad462b7c868f

Yesterday we talked about focusing on just ONE thing to change instead of trying to change everything at once.

We also talked about the need for it to be specific. So instead of just a blank “I need to clean up my diet” you should focus in on what area of your nutrition needs some 1-on-1 time.

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A New You For 2016?

I know it’s catchy, I know it an easy marketing slogan but this whole “New Year, New You” bit… could we not?

By all means lets strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Want to be leaner? Let’s do it!

Stronger? You don’t even have to ask me twice; you know I’m all in on that one.

But if we’re going to talk about “NEW” lets talk about a new way to get to those goals.

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YOU Stronger

But first, coffee Find your STRONG.

I was chatting with a friend today and she asked me what my mission was in one sentence.

The first thing that popped to my brain and out of my mouth was that “I want to help women find their strong.”

The strong I’m talking about is 3-fold.

STRONG Physically (YES!) because lifting is awesome and muscles are even more awesomer, ha! I love training hard and pushing my limits and I want to pass that love indexand knowledge on to as many of you as I can.

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Should I Skip My Workout? (Excuse or Valid)

Funny thing happened last week. I had to “listen to my body”. I caught a nasty cold and was OUT. Minimal work, no workouts. Laying around watching TV, OUT. I don’t do any of those things often.

Now a few emails ago I told you how anti self-love/accept yourself I used to be and how it made me wanna kick somebody. I have since grown and reached a better understanding.

Well this whole listen to your body thing was something else I threw up a little in my mouth over each time I heard it.

To me this meant yet again making excuses. “Oh I’m tired” “Oh I’m sore” “I’m listening to my body so I’m not working out”. Yeah right. You’re lazy is what you are (this is what I used to think).

I once worked out with 102 fever because I don’t like to cancel set commitments and I was hard core (so I told myself), I could push through.

Wow, not only was that dangerous for me but how inconsiderate of those I was training around (I’m different now, don’t judge).

Over the last two years I have made a lot of progress in my education, mindset and wisdom and now know that listening to your body is not always a fancy way of making an excuse. Here’s how you can know too:

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months. You see a couple of months back I realized that I was still hanging on to some old destructive ways that were threatening to take me back to a place I have no desire to go to.

Those of you that know me know that when it comes to fitness progress and assessment the scale is not one of my go-to indicators.

For so many reasons the scale is pretty much no good when it comes to tracking how much you’ve progressed. All of the following can give you a skewed reading one way or the other:

  • What you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours
  • Your digestion – some of that food may still be in your digestion system. I’ll leave it at that…. [Read more…]

Are You Lazy?

Ok so don’t get offended. I’m probably not talking about you, but I know a lot of lazy people.

21-day challenge at Sacramento gym for women

  • People who would rather have a root canal than go do a workout.
  • People who choose take-out over home cooked, every night of the week because it’s easier than cooking.
  • People who would rather spend time looking for that “magic pill” to and get instant results than put in the work.

Now let me be the first to raise my hand; I have lazy days for sure. [Read more…]

2014 Is The Year Of….

In 2014 I am going to talk to you a lot about getting stronger and getting faster.

In fact that is going to the focus of our work in our Sacramento fitness studio.

And if you are interested in losing fat and “toning” up then you’ll want to pay close attention because getting stronger and faster can make the fat loss and toning thing happen in a flash.

I know. I spent all of 2013 transforming myself and those are the main things I focused on.

You see I spent most of 2011 and 2012 doing squats to have a nice butt. Push-ups to have great arms. And I ran long distances to burn fat.

I stayed chubby. [Read more…]