“…If it’s All The Same, I’ll Have A Snickers Thank You”

Things have been crazy at the BBC HQ. Last Saturday we had 18 ladies start the 21k challenge. I’ll keep you posted on how they do.

This challenge is a little different from the programs I usually do because instead of giving them done-for-you menus, the ladies each have their own calorie intake goal and are making their own food choices, making sure to note their portions and record everything. Since I don’t believe in starving yourself (all it does is make you lose muscle, not fat) most of the ladies have gotten a number far higher than any other “diet” that they’ve done in the past. I think a few were quite happy about that “huge” number of calories they could eat and had visions of Starbucks lattes, snack size bags of chips and other “goodies” they could now afford to have in their daily life.

Well when I slightly balked at the suggestion a particular client had that she could still eat her McDonalds in the morning, her SB skinny frappe in the afternoon and have her serving of ice cream every night and still stay within her calorie goal for the day. She asked me: “Well why not? As long as I stay in my calorie range, why can’t I eat whatever I want?”

It got me to thinking that we need to talk about Calories Vs Nutrition

Eat healthy and be fit with Sacramento's Booty Boot CampSure theoretically, a 250 calorie banana spinach smoothie with chia seeds is the same as a 250 calorie snickers bar based on the numbers. But what nutrients are you getting out of the candy bar? How do you feel after? How do you feel 2 hours after? Your body got some energy (that is what a calorie is) but no nutrition. Now your body wants more food, not because it didn’t get enough energy (calories) but because it didn’t get any nutrients.

When your body doesn’t have proper nutrition you start to feel sluggish, tired, you stay sore longer after your workouts, and you can never seem to push yourself that extra bit when exercising, and the less you can push during a workout the less calories you burn during the workout and after (have we ever talked about the afterburn? If not’s let do that soon) you may have a general feeling of un-wellness. Not to mention you constantly crave “stuff”. It’s surprising how many times our cravings are actually connected with a nutrient deficiency. That’s not to say we crave what we need, but constant cravings are a sign that your body is missing something or is out of balance in some way.

Now let’s take that smoothie; same 250 calories but you’ve got protein, loads of fiber, iron, 2 servings of vegetables, potassium, calcium and vitamins C and K (not to mention several others)…. Just reading that don’t you feel more energetic and better about yourself? I mean really, can’t you picture yourself drinking that and feeling really fresh and good?

I don’t want to get too in-depth and technical here but in here is my take on it all “Garbage in, Garbage out”. You put good healthy nutrient dense foods in your diet, you’ll get vitality, energy, stamina, you just feel good and youthful no matter what your real age is plus lots of other health benefits. You put empty sugar, chemical and fat-filled calories in your diet on a regular basis (I’m not talking about a treat meal or two each week) you get sluggish, sub-par workouts, slow recovery,  you feel “old”, tired and have no motivation.  Besides all the damage you do to your internal systems as they have to work extra hard to keep you alive with 3rd world conditions so to speak.

Wow, was that gloomy? I hope not I just want you to know the facts. Knowledge is so powerful.

So here is some help. A few basic general numbers that you can use to start making your own nutrition quality:Learn new skills at Booty Boot Camp

  • Try to keep your added sugar each day at 32g or less –check labels, chances are if it has a label, there’s added sugar in it. Don’t just think about sweet treats; salad dressing, crackers and some breads all have sugar.
  • Get at least 28g of fiber per day in your diet –This can be a big number to hit. You’ll have to switch from the processed white stuff for sure if you have any chance of hitting it. I LOVE adding chia seeds and ground flax to everything to give me a boost.
  • Drink water –the amount you “should” drink varies but the good ‘ol 64oz a day is a great start and goal.
  • Get 5-8 servings of vegetables a day –Hate veggies? Throw spinach in your morning smoothie. I SWEAR you won’t taste it and you’ll start your day off with 2 servings just like that.
  • Go organic where you can –I know organic food can be expensive and I don’t push it to my clients. I’m just trying to get them off of candy bars and drive-throughs. But when you can and where you can add a little organic goodness in your life. Every little bit helps.

Try to do just one of these this week and then another next week and so. I know you’ll feel the benefits.


  1. Great info. It’ll help me make better food choices.