If Only You Had Enough Time

focus-199x300Truth: One bad meal won’t make you fat.

Equally True: One “healthy” meal or good workout won’t make you lean.

Ultimate truth: Time passes the same for us all no matter what we do. And the passing of time will multiply the choices you make day in and day out. There is no way around it.

Here’s how it all adds up: if you keep eating crappy food day in and day out time WILL multiply your efforts and you’ll end up wearing all that food on your body, as in the wiggle, jiggle and BULGE. [Read more…]

Follow Along Ab Workout (video)

In yesterdays newsletter I talked about getting flat abs and how it has a LOT to do with your overall eating habits as well as the form of cardio you engage in most often.

And while I stand behind the fact that spot training will not give you your dream flat abs, working your abs does have a place. But don’t waste your time with boring crunches. I made a few follow along videos a couple of months back and I’m going to share them with you starting with this one:

You can actually follow right along with me. But warning, I do a lot of moaning and groaning, LOL. It burns!

BTW- My friends at Prograde have this product called Metabolism and they just completed a double blind clinical trial that proved that users of their Metabolism product experienced 8 X great abdominal area fat loss compared to a placebo! That’s pretty durn good! Here is the info on the study and it’s on sale right now for 13% off when you enter code SKINNY13 at checkout

Burn 8X more belly fat!

Alright enjoy the video. I’ll share another next week so try to get this one done 2-4 times before then.

Ditch the Plateau! (spring cleaning time)

A plateau is when you feel like you’re doing everything right but you’re not seeing the changes you expect to see on the scale or in your clothes. Basically you’re not progressing.

Sometimes it really is a matter of your body holding on to those last few pounds and you needing to pull out some tricks to get your body to let go of them. However in my experience working with lots and lots (hundreds!) of women I find that really there are just some things you need to buckle down on and clean up (usually in the diet) to get back on track and get over this “plateau”.

So since it’s now officially spring let’s do some spring cleaning of your weight-loss habits.

These are the top 3 areas that most of us aren’t really being as diligent as we can: [Read more…]

Guilt Free Dieting

I hope this post-Superbowl Monday finds everyone content with their eating decisions from yesterday.

I don’t mean that you should have only ate healthy things.  Rather I hope you are content with the fact that you made conscious decisions of what you were going to eat, enjoyed it, and feel no guilt about it today.

I think we “dieting” women spend far too much time feeling bad about what we’ve eaten. Food becomes “good or bad” and let’s face it; except for those that are trying to get on stage and compete in a figure contest, the rest of us healthy minded but “real” women are going to eat those “bad” foods sometimes. What I often hear the next day is “oh, I was so”bad” I ate…..” . Well it hit me in the last few months that that mindset, the “I’m so bad” mindset, is way unhealthier than the food. I mean who wants to live in a constant state of guilt?

So here are 5 quick questions to ask yourself before you indulge in treats. I know it sounds like a lot but once it becomes your habit it takes about 10 seconds to think it through:

The first one can eliminate the need for the next four: [Read more…]

Something you need to know (personal)

This may not sit well with you, but it’s something that you need to know, and so I’m just going to come out and say it.

See, the way I see it they’re insulting your intelligence.

Who’s “they”?

THEY are the talking heads you see on TV and hear on the radio. And I’m convinced they’re trying to make you fatter.

Every year at about this time all you see, hear and read about are people making the big three New Year resolutions – more money, quit smoking, and to lose weight.

Now, I don’t know the success rate of the first two, but as a fitness expert and someone who has helped dozens and dozens of folks lose weight and get in better shape, I can tell you (and statistics prove) that most people who resolve to lose weight in the new year are doomed. [Read more…]

One Reason You’re Still Fat

There is one thing that time after time knocks literally HUNDREDS of women off their game when it comes to fitness and weight loss. I see it every single day. I hear it from the mouths of struggling women that come into my Sacramento boot camp; I hear it in the stories of how things were. And I bet you’ll never guess what it is.
Go ahead, guess…………
Let see, you probably listed things like: Schedule, soreness, lack of a clear goal, eating habits, unsupportive family and friends……yup all good and things that need to be addressed but it’s not the one I’m talking about today. You see this one is really sneaky. This one seems totally ridiculous when you first hear it. This one should spark the exact opposite result it often does and still, time after time it leaves “failure” and frustration in its wake. I’m just about positive it’s hit you a time or two. I know I’ve succumbed to it more times than I care to mention.
What is it? [Read more…]

Mojo Retention Tool –Stay Motivated, Lose Weight

Hey there, have you ever been looking at a magazine (like inStyle, Oxygen, Shape, etc.)or been watching a movie or video and got a tingle of motivation to go for a run, clean up your diet or get in a kick booty workout? You may not have even been trying to get motivated, but something just sparks you without your even trying and bam! you are ready to GET IT DONE!

I love that feeling. And while it does happen on it’s own sometimes, it is actually one of the major tools I use to stay motivated.  It’s also one of the first things I ask new clients to do; find something to get you motivated when you need a little push.

You see, day one of a new eating plan or exercise program is always exciting. You’re pumped, motivated, focused….. that can last from as short as a few days for some to as long as a few weeks for others. But at some point, no matter how determined you are, you hit a patch where you lose your motivation a bit (or maybe totally). It happens and you need to have some tools to help snap you back into go-get it mode.


Here are some of my favorite pictures, they are all from a Nike campaign that not only motivates but makes you smile and feel good about being an actual, breathing, non-airbrushed woman :).

Have a look:












This IS The Truth and There’s No Way Around It…

Before reading this any further, take a second and look down at your body. Hopefully you see lots of changes from your regular exercise program and have a few things to feel proud of. However, for most of us, there are still those nagging things that we’d like to address; a little extra belly fat left over. Maybe a little more thigh spread than we’d like.  Perhaps you’ve lost a lot of weight but you still want/need to lose some more. Ok, have you identified some of your goals?

Here is the truth. I’ve tried it, tested it on me and hundreds of others. My friends have tried it, my colleagues all over the world have tried it. Every angle has been addressed, every method tested. And this one truth does not change…..



. (that means period)

[Read more…]

Fat Flushing Recipes

In just 18 days it will be officially summer. I’m pretty sure the weather will catch on eventually, but until it does, just think of all this weird gloomy stuff as an extension on the time you have to get your summer body on.
This coming Monday, June 6th my 14-day Fat Flush starts and it’s gonna help a lot of women get going in the right direction, and you should be one of them.
I’ve been spending the last few hours creating the nutrition plan that will go with the 2 weeks of Fat blasting workouts and I wanted to share two of the recipes with you.
[Read more…]

15lbs In 3 Weeks –My True Story

If you are reading this and you are one of my clients then you know about a personal health struggle I dealt with last year into early this year. If you are not one of my clients, then let me sum it up for you in 2 sentences: I had the worst possible case of Valley Fever (a respiratory fungus infection) you can get, it spread throughout my body for over 18 months and caused all kinds of health problems. While I was going through all of this I was physically unable to work out AND due to some early misdiagnosis, I was under extreme mental distress because I thought I had been dealt a near death sentence.
I am happy to say, I was properly re-diagnosed, have been on medicine for 3 months now and am at about 90% of normal.
I’m telling you this because during all this, I’ll admit it…I put on some weight. I’m human. But now that I’m feeling pretty darn fantastic I have been on a mission to get back to my old self and my old body…. the body I had a couple of years ago before all this drama started. The body that actually fits the clothes that are in my closet (can you relate?). I am 100% determined and dedicated and I have lost 15lbs in the last 3 weeks. [Read more…]