One Reason You’re Still Fat

There is one thing that time after time knocks literally HUNDREDS of women off their game when it comes to fitness and weight loss. I see it every single day. I hear it from the mouths of struggling women that come into my Sacramento boot camp; I hear it in the stories of how things were. And I bet you’ll never guess what it is.
Go ahead, guess…………
Let see, you probably listed things like: Schedule, soreness, lack of a clear goal, eating habits, unsupportive family and friends……yup all good and things that need to be addressed but it’s not the one I’m talking about today. You see this one is really sneaky. This one seems totally ridiculous when you first hear it. This one should spark the exact opposite result it often does and still, time after time it leaves “failure” and frustration in its wake. I’m just about positive it’s hit you a time or two. I know I’ve succumbed to it more times than I care to mention.
What is it?
You read that right, success will get you every time. It goes like this: You’re eating right, saying no to excess sweets, you’ve ditched the processed white stuff, cut back your alcohol to one or two a week instead of a day. In addition, you are killing it in the gym! Doing things you haven’t done in years: jumping rope, Burpees, pushups, pull-ups. You are a fat burning machine and it’s starting to show.
In fact, you’re getting compliments left and right from your co-workers, friends, family, others at the gym……and more importantly YOU are seeing the changes. Your suffocatingly tight pants fit as they should. You feel and look less puffy and OMG! …….you just got on the scale and you’ve lost 10 whole pounds!!! “Check me out!” you exclaim on the scale. “I am too hot for words. Look out world I am on a roll!”
In fact, I did sooooo well that “why yes thank you, I will take that cookie. I’ve lost 10lbs. I’m good.”
And “yes, I’ll skip my workout tonight to go shopping with you, no problem. I’m doing really well right now. Get Healthy with Sacramento's Booty Boot CampI’ve lost 10lbs”.
“ I did just have pizza yesterday as my cheat meal, but hey, what’s a (humongous) burrito gonna do to me tonight? I have lost 10lbs you know.”
“ I think I will have (yet) another glass of wine with dinner tonight. Can you believe I’ve lost 10lbs?”
But then one day, you go to put on your pants that fit …..and now they don’t. “hmmm that’s strange….I’ve slacked off a little this last month but surely not enough to make my pants tight again. I mean, I lost 10 entire pounds!”
Get happy with your scale with Sacramento's Booty Boot CampYou rush to the scale (as if your pants not fitting isn’t proof enough) and “WHAT?! I put back all that weight and an extra TWO!. How did that happen?! I only relaxed a little…….”
You get my point. All too often we get overconfident when we’ve achieved a significant goal. And as odd as it is, the habits that we adopted to hit that goal are the first we start to drop. I mean, passing on the cookies, sticking to one glass of wine, making your workouts a priority are all the reasons we achieved what we did, and yet, as soon as we start to feel good, we turn back to those old habits that took us to the unhappy place to begin with. As I mentioned before, I see it every day.
So be on the lookout for this sneaky little thing called “overconfidence”. As I wrote on our facebook fanpage the other day: “Be proud, but never satisfied.” ~Unknown
Pat yourself on the back for losing those 10lbs (or whatever it is for you), give yourself a reward and then get back to it. Even if 10lbs is all you wanted to lose, you need to keep your new habits to maintain that loss.
This is a lifestyle. Live it full time.
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