The Truth About Your Diet

Can I just be real with you for a minute?

I am going to speak to you from my heart a bit and it’s going to seem likes it’s all about me. But really it’s about you.

It’s about how I want to help YOU finally get to where you want to be with your health and fitness goals.

You see, sometimes it’s hard as a fitness professional to align my true beliefs about food and exercise with that the “they” say sells and what has been ingrained in all of us to believe we want.

Now trust me, I truly understand what you want because it’s the same thing I wanted for myself for years:

You want to be lean and tight and “toned”.

You want to look good and feel good.

You want to be less fat.

You want a flatter belly, leaner thighs and a butt like the women you see on Instagram.process

You want to look like “so-and-so” cause SHE looks amazing…..

All that. I get it. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better version of yourself aesthetically.

What I have found however is a few things:

We go about trying to make ourselves better in ways that we cannot possibly maintain for life. Or that if we did, would make us miserable.

When it comes down to it, aesthetic goals no matter how bad we feel we want them are actually really poor motivators over the long haul.

Don’t believe me? Think about how many times you’ve started a new plan in hopes to look good for this or that. If the aesthetic goal was enough wouldn’t you already be there?

A lot of times when we think we want a leaner this and a smaller that, what we really want is to be happy with ourselves. Don’t barf. Trust me I haven’t gone all soft. But it’s the truth.

However, get ready because January 1 is knocking on the door and you’re about to get bombarded with lose this, flatter that, change your life by losing weight, finally be sexy when you grow this, finally be happy with yourself when you drop that excess….. AND do it all in 36 days….

*sigh* the rollercoaster continues…..

Hey I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve said those same things. And it’s not that they are untrue or even bad, but they are not always realistic for most.

Well I’m shutting my roller coaster down. If you want to stay on that roller coaster of possibly unrealistic promises and emotions, then Get StrongHer is not for you.

True fact: I hate rollercoasters. Always have.

What I am operating is my full integrity.

I strongly believe that embracing a lifestyle, embracing goals bigger than how you look and making decisions and habits that you can maintain for life IS the way to finally get all those aesthetic goals you’re after.

It’s just the way I believe it’s done successfully will actually make you a happier and more confident person, and yes, look really good cause there’s nothing wrong with that!

So just like I’m going to ask you to OWN certain behaviors and actions over the next few weeks I am owning mine and focusing on what I truly believe will help LOTS of women even if at first it’s not as popular as other ways I could attract you to me and Get StrongHer

I believe you want to be happier, healthier and feel good. I can help you with that if you’re open to new thinking.

I’m starting by listing the ’10 Things I Believe About Nutrition’ and over the next little bit of time I’ll go in to more detail about how they may help you.

This email is long enough so I’ll send them out to you soon. Or for the next 19 hours or so you can catch the replay of my Periscope where I list them out.

Download the Periscope app and look me up @saraidjones

2016 CAN be your best year ever.

I want to show you a different way to make it happen for real.

Just like you can test drive a car, I am going to open up a 28-day test drive of Get StrongHer for January. Look out for details.