Weigh More, Smaller Jeans Size

So I posted this picture last week on the facebook fanpage

look and feel leaner with Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp






As you can see it shows a lady that went from 127lbs to 136lbs and is clearly smaller, tighter and more defined.

Since you’re a reader of this blog I’ll assume you know the “how” but do you know the “why”?


Well let me go over both briefly and simply.

The WHY is simple: Muscle is denser than fat, meaning that the same weight of fat takes up more space than the same weight of muscle. In fact take a look at this picture:

burn fat, build muscle at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp

Here are some more things you should know:

  • · Muscle IS your metabolism. With less muscle you burn less calories throughout the day no matter what you are doing, sitting, sleeping, exercising or cleaning house.
  • · Muscle burns at least three times more calories than fat
  • · After the age of 28 you begin to lose your most effective fat fighter…. muscle.

Wonder why at 35 it’s so much harder to lose weight than when you were 23?

Because of the muscle loss that naturally begins around 28, your metabolism slows by 5 percent each decade. So that means at age 35, you burn 100 fewer calories a day than you did at 25 and 200 fewer by the time you hit 45.

Let’s put that into numbers that mean something to you. Do nothing to stop this progression and you could gain 8-12 pound a year even if you keep your habits exactly the same as they are now!

Let’s say you weigh 130 pounds and have a healthy body fat level of 25 percent. You will burn about 200 more calories a day than another women who also weighs 130 pounds but is carrying a body fat level of 40 percent (40 percent is typical for a women at midlife). If the woman with more body fat doesn’t start modifying her diet or increase her exercise, she could start putting on weight really fast.

What Should You Do? (The How)

In a word: EXERCISE. And resistance training to be exact.get your exercise on at Sacramento's Booty Boot Camp

Dieting alone is not enough to shift the ratio of muscle to fat on your body.

In fact, those who lose weight and remain sedentary lose substantial muscle tissue, not just fat.

Cardiovascular workouts are effective and necessary, but, after an hour of running, your metabolism is only elevated for less than an hour before going back down to normal.

Resistance training is the one thing that you can do that elevates your metabolism for hours after a workout. This happens because resistance training is actually a process of breaking down muscle tissue and re-building it back stronger, firmer and more toned (the breaking down is what causes soreness).

This process takes time and energy (AKA calories). Once you have added muscle to a given area on your body it now takes even more energy to maintain this muscle which means you burn more calories just existing and doing what you do. In the end you may end up heavier on the scale but smaller in your measurements and clothes (see picture above).

So Now How Do You Do The HOW?

Get started! We’re going to do this as part of our 4:45pm Xpress workout today. Give it a try and see how you feel tomorrow. If you are sore then that means you’ve taken the first step in building that faster metabolism!

Workout –Bodyweight 200 Rep Challenge!

Goal is to complete 4 rounds as fast as possible

10 BW Squats

10 Pushups

10 Tuck jumps

10 Forward Lunges per side

10 Mountain Climbers per side

But I’ll be honest, working out on your own at the necessary intensity is hard to do. Even I have started attending my own boot camp as a client cause it’s just so much easier to push in a group. I invite you to come check us out and see how we can help you. And if you come at 7pm you can work out side-by-side with me, just don’t go showing off and make me look bad :).