How To Avoid The Bulky Look When Lifting

I hear it ALL. THE. TIME. Whenever I tell a client that they need to lift a little bit heavier this week since they’ve been using those 10lb dumbbells on a deadlift for 2 months now; “I don’t want to get bulky” then when I explain that they won’t actually get bulky and that more muscle will make them leaner they say: “No I really do! The last time I worked with a trainer they had me lifting heavy and my arms (legs, shoulder) got huge!”I’m going to admit something to you…..I’ve said those same words myself. I know, I know…I should know better but deep down I’m still a woman and have those deeply ingrained “bulky” fears in myself too.

But I DO know better and I’m going to explain to you the only three ways you could possibly get bulky from lifting heavy:

1. Illegal drugs – Building muscle takes a good amount of the hormone testosterone, in fact without a very high level of it is impossible to build HUGE muscles. Heck even though men who have LOTS of it naturally have to take drugs on top of their natural hormones to reach Arnold like shape and size.
So anytime you see a women with HUGE muscles; like cover her face and you may not be able to tell the difference between her and your boyfriend, then she is most likely on something black market to help that process along. Annnnd she is still working out like 6 hours a day!

2. She is TRYING (and working REALLY hard) to get that big! –The above example talked about massively huge female bodybuilders but there are some women that are in fact drug free and pretty big and muscular by traditional standards (though NOT massive). But these women DO WORK! I mean HOURS a day in the gym. Meticulous nutrition ratios, specific legal supplementation and 110% diligence and focus on their goal. Although that look may not be for everyone, those women are going after what THEY want and making it happen. It does NOT happen casually or easily by anyone’s definition.

And this is the #1 reason you might “accidently” get too bulky when lifting heavy (I know it applied to me)

3. Your nutrition is not in check, like legit in check not the “I make good choices” in check. Because the truth is excess CALORIES are what make you bulky. Period.
See. if you just build muscle under your current layer of extra fluff (fat) then you will get bigger.

BUT (and this is beautiful) if you get and keep your nutrition in check while you add lean muscle then you will burn off the fat on top and reveal that new lean sculpted muscle.

In fact getting serious about adding some lean muscle to your frame will help because muscle burns more calories just existing. So the more muscle you have to move around in your daily life it will help burn off that last bit of stubborn fat to reveal that curvy FEMININE shape that you want.

It’s simple math:

Bulky = High Bodyfat + Bigger muscles -that’s what happens when you lift heavy and your nutrition is so-so.

Lean and Sexy = Low Bodyfat + Bigger muscles –This is what happens when you stop fooling yours elf (like I was) and get serious about what you put in your mouth.

Lean, feminine and confident; that’s what we are all striving after right? But the truth is that only a small percentage of people will ever actually attain it.

Why? Because it takes work, dedication and stepping out of your comfort zone.
It requires getting real with yourself and looking at what you are TRULY doing in your fitness and nutrition and making the changes to actually get what you want.

Guess how many people will get it……maybe 20%.

The other 80% will keep believing what they see in every fluffy fitness magazine. They will stay in their comfort zone of cardio and light weight, high reps to “tone” and every year they will get more and more frustrated, have less and less confidence and more fat. THAT is how you get bulky.

Don’t be like everyone else.

It’s time to get into Beast Mode.

Lift progressively heavier weights
Do full body workouts
Skip the long steady-state cardio

Stay Beastly