Why You’ve Plateaued (Your Nutrition)


So you’re resting enough and you don’t have a care in the world :) but you’re still not losing weight. (see the last blog post to get up to speed if you missed it)

If I was a betting woman (I don’t gamble, that’s throwing away perfectly good shopping money) I’d say it’s because of one of two other things-your nutrition or your workouts.

Let’s talk about your nutrition today.

Nutrition is off in some way (eating too much, not enough, too much sugar, not a balanced ratio of macro nutrients)

I don’t believe in being a total calorie hard nose ‘cause frankly counting calories can be a drag. But you do need to be aware of how many- ish calories you need to take in and how many-ish you actually are taking in. For instance if you know that you need to be in the 1800-2,000 range and that on average you take in about 1,925. As long as you hit somewhere in that range daily there’s no need to know your number to an exact T…….except for if the scale is no longer budging. The it’s time to get down to the facts and figure out EXACTLY what you are doing.

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Why You’ve Plateaued (external factors)


Last week we talked a little about hitting that wall where nothing you do seems to make the scale budge in the direction you want it to. I listed some of the most common reasons why you may have hit this thing called a plateau, and how to identify if you actually have in fact hit a true plateau. If you need to come up to speed you can read that here: Are You Stuck At Your Weight? 


Ok, so now that you know what and why, let’s get to the ‘what to do about it’ part:

First, you need to look at that list and determine which one(s) apply to you. Today let’s talk about external factors in a plateau. That means things that you can’t always seemingly control (notice the word seemingly).

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3 More Reasons People Fail

Yesterday I shared 5 reasons that people fail in any goal  and specifically weight loss.
I originally planned on listing  just the 5 reasons I gave you yesterday but there are three more that I think are probably the most important so I couldn’t leave them out and let you miss out on the “aha” moment I’m positive you’ll have after reading them.

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The Top 5 Reasons People Fail

Recently I was at a business mastermind in Las Vegas and we got into a discussion about why people fail. The discussion was geared toward business and we ended up with a list of 10 reasons people fail. As we were creating the list, it really struck me how many of the reasons applied to all areas of our life, even weight loss and fitness.

Here are the top 5 from our list that I believe apply to fitness: [Read more…]

No Weight Loss Resolutions For Her!


Booty Boot Camp and one of my star clients, Monica are mentioned in the January issue of Sacramento magazine.

I am so proud of Monica and the true lifestyle change she has made.

Check it out…………

Elk grove boot camp

Four locals weigh in on how they successfully shed the pounds.

It’s January—and you know what that means. It’s resolution time.

Actually, make that revolution time.

For anyone who’s decided this is the year they’re going to lose weight and
get into shape—and we know you’re out there—this one’s for you. It’s a story
about four locals who’ve not only lost weight but kept it off, and done so
without magic pills or gimmicky fads. They’ve gone back to the basics: sensible
eating and regular exercise.

No Fat Flush, South Beach or Grapefruit diets for these folks. They’ve
learned that the only kind of plan that works is one they can follow for

Monica Jones

Then: 165
Now: 145

When your sister-in-law is a fitness trainer who runs “booty boot camps,” you
probably can expect a friendly kick in the you-know-what every so
That’s exactly what Monica Jones got from her sister-in-law, Sarai
Jones, fearless leader of said boot camps through Fit Bodies 2 Go in Elk Grove.
After Monica gave birth to her second child in the summer of 2007, she was
lugging around an extra 20 or 25 pounds that needed the boot.

The goal: to drop the weight by November, when her maternity leave would end.
“I wanted to go back to work with a new body,” says Jones, whose postpartum
poundage peaked at 165. She was aiming for 140—just a shade under her normal
145. (She’s 5-foot-5.)

So that August, with her sister-in-law at the ready, Jones’ battle with the
bulge began.

First order of business: a new way of eating. “Sarai gave me The
Eat-Clean Diet
book and asked me to read it before we started working out,”
says Jones, who lives in Sacramento. “She wanted me to get my mind-set in
place.” The book’s plan called for six small, balanced meals a day, each
hovering around the 300-calorie mark. Fish, veggies and whole grains became
staples; out went the cookies and the chips.

For the 29-year-old Jones, who always had “eaten pretty much everything I
wanted,” changing her eating habits was the greatest challenge of all—even
harder, she says, than working out.

But that, too, was difficult. Jones says she couldn’t even run around the
block before her sister-in-law kick-started her into action.

“I was a little intimidated,” she admits. But when Sarai showed up at her
house three days a week, it was fight or flight.

She fought.

Light workouts were soon replaced by vigorous ones. She walked. She ran. She
rode bikes. She did jumping jacks. She jumped rope. She weight-trained with
dumbbells. Sarai was “a great coach,” Jones says. “It helps to have that
accountability factor—to know someone is going to come and work out with

It also helped Jones to visualize herself waltzing back into work and having
her office mates go “wow.”

Did she make it? You bet she did.

“I got rid of a lot of clothes, went out shopping for some new ones and just
felt so much better about myself,” says Jones.

Since then, she’s gained back about 5 pounds. But she’s kept off 20 and is
happy with the way she looks.

Jones still struggles with the eating thing. “Sweets are my enemy,” she
confesses; chocolate is a particular weakness.

But she continues to work out three times a week, and you can probably guess
where. Yep. She goes to booty camp.

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If you are in Livermore or Elk Grove and would like to receive the same motivation, support and one of a kind workout that got Monica looking and feeling better than she ever has come check us out. Booty Boot Camp

Stay Focused

Sarai D. Jones