Fat Burning Mini-Band Workout

I know you’re busy this week and you may be tempted to skip your workouts but don’t.

That is the perfect recipe for gaining 5 lbs before the New Year (yup it can happen that quick).

I  made a quick video of some moves you can, and even though I went to my boot camp studio in Sacramento ca you can do this same workout at home. All you need is your trusty mini-band.

You can also do this entire fat burning workout without the band and still burn some calories before you start splurging.

And that is actually a pretty powerful tip to avoid gaining excess weight over the next week: Always try to get in some form of full body exercise BEFORE you indulge and eat all your favorite treats.

Most of the time people think they need to “repent” AFTER the spurge to burn off excess calories.

And while that’s not a horrible idea, a quick full-body workout before you get down to business will actually help you more.

And besides, lets start to let go of the guilt associated with food.

Make a plan for this week that includes your treats, be mindful of your plan and then eat without guilt.

You’ll enjoy every bite that much more.

Letting go of the guilt is a bit of a project to work on though and we’ll be focusing on that more in 2014.

In the meantime, give this quick workout a shot and then chow down, guilt free :)