Try Sprint Intervals (Not What You Think)

Imagine that you are running a marathon and based on the way you’ve trained for this event at certain intervals you are going to pick up your pace for a specified period of time to get ahead faster, a sprint so to speak.

So you do your sprint and then you turn around and walk back to where you started…..wait huh?

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Check Out These Results

I’ve been on a motivation kick the last couple of weeks cause I know how easy it is to slide into a blahzay attitude about our fitness goals over the summer only to panic once fall hits and we gotta wear those jeans again. Yikes.

Plus it’s no fun to lose the SAME 10 pounds over and over again. Or to work up to doing toe push-ups or a max weight on a squat only to let that slide and have to work on getting it back. Starting over sucks in most cases.

Ultimately we always want to be improving. Getting better. Sometimes that means actually losing fat or gaining strength, sometimes that means sticking to a plan better than you have any summer before. Better is better.

Today I want to share some motivational pic of getting better. On June 28th we wrapped up our first ever Fierce For Photos 8-week transformation challenge with a professional photo shoot and these ladies look so good and confident I know it’ll motivate you to get in your training session today and the rest of the week!

Check them out and get motivated!

(excuse my blog/website it’s still under construction)

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