Try Sprint Intervals (Not What You Think)

Imagine that you are running a marathon and based on the way you’ve trained for this event at certain intervals you are going to pick up your pace for a specified period of time to get ahead faster, a sprint so to speak.

So you do your sprint and then you turn around and walk back to where you started…..wait huh?

The point of the sprint was to get you to the finish line a bit faster. Not to expend all that energy and then go back to where you started.

The idea was that you do this sprint of sorts and then you return to your normal pace and keep on running. Only now you’re a little further ahead than you would have been had you not sprinted.

In just a few days I’m going to be releasing the details on our next 8-week body transformation challenge: Fierce For Photos.

And I have a confession to make; for the last year or so I’ve been hesitant to run challenges because I was becoming concerned that they were acting as a band-aid to the problem, a quick fix to the real changes and issues that needed to be addressed so that the great results the ladies got from the challenges would actually stick.

I was worried that we were becoming that person that was sprinting in the marathon and then running back to where we started.

Time and time again I would see a lot of weight/fat get lost only to have it slowly creep back on and then I’d start getting the emails asking when the next challenge was starting……

Now let me be clear on two things:

  1. I’ve done it myself too many times to count. I’ve probably lost 200 pounds or more in the last 5 years alone. No I was never 200 pounds overweight, I just kept losing the same 40-plus finish-line(1)pounds in various increments over and over and over again. So I’m not coming down on you. I looked at myself in the mirror.
  2. This lady right here LOVES A CHALLENGE! I get excited about the increased focus, the anticipation of the results and all the new things we get to discover about ourselves as a challenge progresses. I am super stoked about the upcoming Fierce For Photos and am already getting prepped.

However I have also chosen a path in life that lets me help women make lasting changes and that’s what I’m determined to help you do: Make the changes LAST.

So instead of dropping the challenges altogether (because challenges are too much fun to let go!) I decided to tackle the deeper side of transformation.

Not just the meal plan and boot camp (no worries, we’ll still have that) but what it takes to make the changes stick.

The internal mindset shifts, views on habits and yes of course lifestyle changes that I personally used to finally knock off 40 pounds and keep it off (I fluctuate but not by much these days) for the last 2 years.

I’m finishing up a mini-ebook on the topic and I’m going to give it to you as my gift in a day or two but until its ready I wanted to leave you with this take on transformation challenges:

Challenges are a sprint interval mixed into your marathon journey of fat/weight loss and healthy living. The idea is that a challenge pushes you a little faster to your goal but they don’t take the place of your normal pace.

Challenges are fun, invigorating and having a deadline is a must to make real changes in life but challenges need to be used in the RIGHT way.