Cardio Alone CAN’T Do It

You wanna look good in shorts, tanks, swimsuits, and your own skin?

You need to build muscle and shed fat.

I’m on a mission to finally convince the women of Sacramento that building muscle is the best way to NOT look bulky (totally goes against the common beliefs I know)

We’ll talk more about how to build muscle in another email but what about the shed fat part?

The best way to do that is cardio right? You sweat buckets, the elliptical machine or treadmill tells you that you’ve burned 737 calories in your workout, you must be on the right track.

Well I’m gonna give you some bad new but only because I want you to succeed.

First: Massive amounts of sweat does not automatically mean a good workout. Sweat has one purpose: To cool you off. That’s it.

Some people barely move and sweat buckets, some people can do an hour long workout and only break a slight glow.

While it makes you feel like a total rock star in the gym to have sweat falling off of you in puddles while you work out it is not an indication of an effective workout.

Second: The treadmill (or whatever cardio machine) is a BIG FAT LIAR!

There is no way that you are actually burning the number of calories it says because the simple fact is that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn doing any given activity.

By simply entering your age and weight the cardio machine can’t actually tell how much of that mass is fat vs. muscle so it uses a generic formula and averages to give you a number.

In addition the body is an incredible adapter so every time you engage in cardio activity your body begins to make the necessary adjustments so that next time you can do that activity with less energy (in case you didn’t know, calories = energy).

So the same run that burned 600 last week is no longer burning 600 calories two weeks later, doesn’t matter what the treadmill tells you.

Basically every time you do cardio you make it LESS effective (side note: That’s why beginners to exercise often make HUGE weight loss progress while veterans can run marathons and see no difference on the scale or in their clothes).

Third: Long Steady Cardio Eats Muscle For Lunch.

Steady state cardio breaks muscle down for fuel.

Yes you will burn calories while you engage in the activity, but you’ll lose muscle as well.

Less muscle = less calories burned

Less muscle = more wiggle and jiggle on parts that we’d rather not have wiggle or jiggle….

So what does all that time intensive, joint pulverizing, boredom causing cardio get you?

A DECREASED metabolism (muscle IS your metabolism) and a DECREASED ability to burn fat.

Why are you doing all this again? Oh yeah, to look better naked. So far, long slow cardio is not doing so well….

So is all cardio the devil? NO

But I am on a mission to get women to embrace muscle so I am doing my best to emphasize to you why cardio should NOT be your go-to method of getting lean and ripped.

There are placement, refuel methods and frequency tips to make SOME long steady cardio work for you. As well as a need to work the aerobic energy system as well.

However I’m not even going to go into to that today.

I don’t want you to get distracted from the point of this email: If you want to get REAL results that make people look you up and down and say “giiirrrll what are YOU doing?” then you are going to have to let go of the notion that more cardio will make you lean. It won’t.

You want those kinds of results?

Build muscle.