Cardio Alone CAN’T Do It

You wanna look good in shorts, tanks, swimsuits, and your own skin?

You need to build muscle and shed fat.

I’m on a mission to finally convince the women of Sacramento that building muscle is the best way to NOT look bulky (totally goes against the common beliefs I know)

We’ll talk more about how to build muscle in another email but what about the shed fat part?

The best way to do that is cardio right? You sweat buckets, the elliptical machine or treadmill tells you that you’ve burned 737 calories in your workout, you must be on the right track.

Well I’m gonna give you some bad new but only because I want you to succeed. [Read more…]

The Critical 4th Week

I need to talk to you about something important. You may not have realized this but the most critical drop out point for most people on a new fitness and diet program is right around 4 weeks….if you’ve been consistent on your plan you are feeling good, when you look in the mirror you can see some differences; maybe your tummy sticks out less, that roll on your back is smaller, you just look tighter.
Around this time you will also notice that your current clothes fit better. You don’t have to hike your skirt up so high on your waist to get it to zip, your pants aren’t suffocating you, everything just lays a little smoother.
In fact you are feeling so good about yourself that one of two things happens: [Read more…]

My New Favorite Word

One thing I hope you’ve all learned from my blog and emails is that even though fitness is my career, I’m just a regular woman like all of you. I mean we all have different things that fill our days and stress us out at times but we all have them –busy days and stressful situations.  Just like you; first thing when my eyes open in the morning, the laundry list of the 10 hours worth of things that I need to accomplish in 3 hours starts running through my head. Sometimes laundry is actually on that list, boooo!

But just like you (and maybe a little more so) I also know that one of the most important things on that list is my own workouts. And just like you, my first thought is often: “I don’t have time for that! I’ll squeeze it in later”. [Read more…]