Lose This, Not That -Lift Weights To Look Leaner and Younger

I know you probably jump on the scale every other day to make sure you’re on track or to confirm how off-track you are. But what if I told you that you’re focusing on the complete and total wrong thing?

I know you’ve heard this before: The scale is deceiving. But hold on, I’m not trying to make you feel better about losing “only” 1 pound this week. I’m trying to tell you that you are barking up the wrong tree all together! Keep reading…..

What is going to have the biggest impact on the way your body LOOKS is decreasing your bodyfat and increasing your muscle. No matter what the scale says or sometimes even a measuring tape, the percentage of your weight that is made up of fat vs muscle will always trump the number on the scale when it comes to you becoming a lean and savage (sexy) beast!

I see it almost every day. In my business we help a lot of women and we do LOTS of measurement and reassessments. It may surprise you to know that a large majority of the women we measure have biceps that measure in the 12” range (anywhere in the 12’s) and yet they all look different. Why? Because a 12.5” arm on someone with 17% bodyfat looks VERY different than a 12.5” arm on someone with 32% bodyfat. One most likely has 12.5” of mostly muscle while the other, much less muscle and/or more fat covering the muscle they have. It always fascinates me how the numbers are truly so close but the looks are SO dramatically different!

It’s the same with thighs and waist measurements. The actual number from woman to woman does not vary as much as you would think from just looking at all the sizes and shapes but a tight and lean 22” thigh APPEARS so much smaller than one that is less so.

It actually blows one of the most popular myths women have about growing muscle (or lifting heavier weights) right out the water: “But I don’t want to get bulky”

The undeniable fact is that the ladies with more muscle LOOK SMALLER while the ladies that avoid lifting anything truly challenging appear “fluffier” and therefore bulkier.

Here’s the truth: You need to engage in consistently progressive (see: heavier) resistance training to truly be lean and tight.

Let me say it another way: If you want to look as smoking hot as the last Sacramento week was, you need to lift heavy! You will look SMALLER, tighter and curvier with more muscle and less bodyfat.

But I totally get it, not everyone loves the super ripped athletic look. Some of you do prefer the more “tight” look without a lot of popping muscle definition. So for you sticking with the 5lb pink weights is cool….NOT!

The fact is lifting heavier is still the fastest and most effective way to achieve that look as well. I say this my clients all the time: You are not just going to wake up tomorrow with big bulging muscles. It takes time to build muscle and it takes a work. You can always change up your routine when you start to get to a level of tightness or “tone” that you prefer. But you will NEVER get there with those super light weights.”

Even just to look “toned” you still need the combination of less fat and more muscle. But for you it’s just a little less muscle than for us that like the sexy beast look.

Getting Old Equals Getting Fat? Every year after you reach the age of 30, if you do nothing to combat it you begin to lose 1lb of muscle. That is a big deal because muscle burns major calories just existing. So if you have less of it then you will need to eat less. However most people don’t eat less and that’s where the “I’m just getting old” weight gain comes from.
Yes you are getting older, we all are, but that does not mean you have to get fatter. Lifting progressive weight to maintain and build muscle will keep your metabolism red hot even as the years add up.

The point of this entire blog post: Stop worrying about the weight on the scale and start focusing on building some lean, metabolism stoking, eye-popping body making, and health preserving muscle!