Workout Wednesday

The beach is on my mind this week. I’m headed to the Dominican Republic in a few days which means bikinis and shorts for 6 days.

While I have no intention of letting the leanness of my body dictate how much I enjoy myself, putting in a little extra time on the glutes and abs won’t make me sad either.

So that is the inspiration of this very quick and very adaptable Workout Wednesday.

Its quick because its only four moves. Its adaptable because you can do it with or without weights, focus on strength or cardio and make it really short with just 3 rounds or take a little more time and do 5.

Two of the moves are lower body focused, two are for that core.

The details of the workout are below, but you can click the picture for a full video with instructions.

Full video is here: Simple Ab and Booty Workout

2016-02-17 (3)

You can also click here for a teaser on instagram

Here it is written out:

Staggered squat 8-15 reps on each side (rep range explained in the video)

Rear lunge off step 8-15 reps on each side (see above)

V-situp to twist 10-15 reps. In-out-right-left is (1) rep

Plank hand walk or Superman plank (I actually prefer the superman) 8-15 reps each hand.

3-5 rounds

Rest about 20 seconds between moves, but more if you need it.

Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds. Rest as needed but keep it tight.

The weather should be really nice in Sacramento this weekend so I hope you are ready to enjoy some shorts and sunshine soon too.