The Critical 4th Week

I need to talk to you about something important. You may not have realized this but the most critical drop out point for most people on a new fitness and diet program is right around 4 weeks….if you’ve been consistent on your plan you are feeling good, when you look in the mirror you can see some differences; maybe your tummy sticks out less, that roll on your back is smaller, you just look tighter.
Around this time you will also notice that your current clothes fit better. You don’t have to hike your skirt up so high on your waist to get it to zip, your pants aren’t suffocating you, everything just lays a little smoother.
In fact you are feeling so good about yourself that one of two things happens:
A). You start feeling a bit over confident and you start to slack a little; I can miss this one workout, I can eat that extra ____, etc.
But most common is B).  that you run to grab that pair of pants that you couldn’t fit before and eeekkk…they still don’t fit!! WHAT!! Your floored, how can this be? You say “I’ve been working so hard, I’ve been doing everything right, I look so much better to myself and a few have even mentioned it! But it’s obviously not working because these pants that are two sizes to small still don’t fit me after 28-days of doing well. This sucks, I’m going to go eat a burger and have a slab of cake”.
Here’s the truth, by the time most of us start taking serious action to lose weight and get leaner the size that we are currently wearing is probably not our real size anymore. I mean your pants may say size 12 but they more than likely have been stretched out over the weeks and months….try going to buy a brand new pair of size 12 pants and I’d bet they wouldn’t fit (must be the designer).
So that first month when you feel so good and lost weight, that was just getting you back to really being a size 12!
Yet we expect that our size 10 or 8 pants are going to fit already and are majorly let down when they, of course, still don’t. Then we let ourselves get discouraged and we give up and let all that work back slide. Back to a fake size 12 (size 12 is just for illustration sake, you get the point no matter what size you are).
I know you’ve heard it before:
It takes 4 weeks for YOU to notice a difference -that’s you fitting into your CURRENT clothes better, looking tighter to yourself,
8 weeks for your close friends and family to notice -that’s when, yes you may go down to the next size and people start to ask “are you losing weight?”
12 weeks for the world to notice -now you’re in your size 8’s or getting very close to being in them and even people who don’t pay super close attention to your appearance start to say “hey, you’ve lost weight! It’s not a question anymore, its a statement.
Bottom line: Be patient, stay calm and keep going. Every time you fall off you have to start all over again, back at that fake size 12.
Yes you still have work to do but every healthy decision is moving you in the right direction. I’ve said this before and it’s true: The time is going to pass anyway! 12 weeks will pass, the only thing you can control about it is are you going to be collecting complements left and right or back at square one? JUST. KEEP. GOING!