A New You For 2016?

I know it’s catchy, I know it an easy marketing slogan but this whole “New Year, New You” bit… could we not?

By all means lets strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Want to be leaner? Let’s do it!

Stronger? You don’t even have to ask me twice; you know I’m all in on that one.

But if we’re going to talk about “NEW” lets talk about a new way to get to those goals.

Because How many times have you started the new year, month or week absolutely determined to hit the gym every day, clean up your diet and get enough sleep only to find yourself back in your old ways shortly after?0899992f8184b6dc72f8ea998c547ae3

It’s not your fault. That is what we’ve been conditioned to do; go “all-in”.

Overwhelmingly we see however that sudden dramatic change all at once does not work for the long haul.

Let’s be real; if you’re munching on celery sticks while daydreaming about the pizza you’re going to inhale once your challenge is over, that’s the first sign that any progress you make is going to be short lived.

The truth is if you’re going for a true lifestyle change, one where you are strong, lean, healthy and feeling good. It has to happen over time and bit by bit.

Losing 20lbs is fun. Putting back on that 20lbs and then some, quite frankly, sucks.

Losing 20lbs in a way that you can sustain for life so that you keep it off and continue to progress, now that ROCKS.

That’s what you really want right? REAL results plus a life.

Imagine that: enjoying special occasions (or your life), not living in the gym for hours a day and still looking fabulous.

HOW? That’s the next question I’m sure.

I have this quote saved on my phone and I read it often:

“Habit change isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. The right mindset is to wake up tomorrow almost exactly the same person except for one small change.
A small change that you can replicate every day until you don’t even notice it anymore. At which point it’s time to plan another small change.”               -Jeremy Dean

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work, sacrifice, struggle, all that.

You’ll have to try new foods, drink load of water, retrain your taste buds, practice self-awareness, sweat a lot and pick up a bunch of heavy stuff, often.

Except instead of doing it all at one time, like for the New Year, you’ll do it over the course of time. In chunks that you can manage, be successful at and sustain.

Let’s get started. I encourage you to pick one thing. Just one and be specific.

Instead of I am going to clean up my diet try something like: I am going to add some sort of produce to every meal I eat for the next 2 weeks and then reevaluate.

This also uses a technique I have found works well of focusing on adding in vs taking out. If you focus on adding a large serving of vegetables before you eat that pizza you’re most likely going to eat less pizza. But instead of trying to willpower your way to less pizza it happens naturally.

So what’s it going to be for you. Again think small to go BIG.

Happy first Monday of the year. Let’s make 2016 a good one.