Even Meatheads Need Cardio (workout Wednesday video)

I’m a pretty diehard weights kinda gal. Always have been.

When I turned 16 and got my DL one of the first things I did was join a gym.My parents would only let me join an all womens gym so I signed up for Linda Evans Fitness center (hmm, maybe that was the seed of what I have now).

I remember walking in and going straight to weight machines (they didn’t have free weights) moving the pins down as far as I could and getting after it.

I’d finish with some time on the treadmill and then I was off.

This was way before I really got into studying fitness but I guess even then I intuitively knew that strength training should be my priority.

It still is. And my clients that get the best results know this too.

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn in every aspect of your life, including cardio. It makes it easier to maintain your weight, lose weight, annnnd (this is the best part) you get to eat more and still stay lean.

I am currently LOSING weight/fat on 2100-2300 calories a day. Muscle for the win? I think so.

However cardio does have it place it’s just not the most efficient or effective way to lose weight.

What it IS great for is:

  • Conditioning. Lifting heavy weights can be very cardiovascular, if your conditioning is not so great it can make it hard to really progress in strength if your poopin out after 2 reps cause your heart feels like it’s going to pop. Cardio can help with that.
  • Mental toughness. Pushing yourself through that feeling when your heart is racing and your lungs are burning. It can spill over into other areas of your training and your life.
  • Burning some extra calories and staying active. Cardio DOES burn calories. However let me stress again that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn so if you only have time for one thing, I say lift weights faster!

Basically I’m not really anti-cardio, I just suggest you keep it in its place. And while occasionally I engage in steady state cardio. You’re more likely to find me doing intervals, HIIT or sprinting.

It’s quick, you continue to burn calories after you’re done (you don’t with steady state cardio), it preserves muscle, its more efficient for fat loss.

I do this sort of cardio about 3 times a week after a strength session. It usually takes no more than 10 minutes. We also do these finisher type bursts at the end of boot camp.

I made one for you this week.

Here is the preview on my Instagram: Quick Interval Workout 2016-04-06 (2)

Here are the details:

High knees (Lower impact sub: High knee march in place)Instep hops (Lower impact sub: take out the hop but keep the movement the same)

Jumping jacks (Lower impact sub: Make it more of a side tap, side tap. You’ve probably seen it)

Tuck jumps (Lower impact sub: Total body extensions aka: ground zero squats)

Jump rope (Lower impact sub: Jump rope is actually pretty low impact if you do it right. But if needed, faux jump rope and don’t let your feet come off the ground)

All moves for 30 seconds on with 15-30 seconds off. Take more time if you need it! Rest 30-60 seconds after all 5 moves, that’s 1 round. Do 3-5 rounds.

Eat well, lift often.