The Most Critical Meal Of The Day?

I have this friend that is always talking to me about getting lean.

We have these passing conversations a lot. They go like this:

Her: I want to start eating better. I really need to.

Me: Okay, what do you plan to do for your lunches this week?

Her: I don’t know. It’s really hard because I don’t always know where I’ll be, whats around or if I’ll have a microwave.

Me: Then all the more reason to make your lunch and take it. Then you won’t be left to the mercy of whats around.

Her: Yeah…but I try to eat healthy…..

Me: (blank stare) Alrighty then……hey so are we gonna go to mall or what?

Now please don’t think badly of me. I don’t lack patience or compassion most of the time. Promise.

It’s just that I have this same convo with this friend ALL. THE. TIME. Like, EXACTLY the same.

We just can’t seem to get pass this one thing…..

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