The Most Critical Meal Of The Day?

I have this friend that is always talking to me about getting lean.

We have these passing conversations a lot. They go like this:

Her: I want to start eating better. I really need to.

Me: Okay, what do you plan to do for your lunches this week?

Her: I don’t know. It’s really hard because I don’t always know where I’ll be, whats around or if I’ll have a microwave.

Me: Then all the more reason to make your lunch and take it. Then you won’t be left to the mercy of whats around.

Her: Yeah…but I try to eat healthy…..

Me: (blank stare) Alrighty then……hey so are we gonna go to mall or what?

Now please don’t think badly of me. I don’t lack patience or compassion most of the time. Promise.

It’s just that I have this same convo with this friend ALL. THE. TIME. Like, EXACTLY the same.

We just can’t seem to get pass this one thing…..

She’s not ready to hear this advice but maybe you are so here it goes:

Planning your meals is a must if you want to get lean, gain muscle and lose weight.

Especially your lunches because most days out of the week you are eating them away from the safe food haven of your home.hard-worth-it

You simply can’t wing it. I call winging it freeform eating when you just “try to make better choices”.

That’s totally cool and for the most part if I’m not trying to change my body comp its what I do; I just eat healthy.

But when less fat, less weight, more muscle is your goal, you can’t “free form” it. You need a plan.

Especially for lunch.

Plus it’s expensive to eat out I don’t care how cheap the “deal” is.

I recently got this snack pack from the deli. It was healthy and good and it was $4. $4 a day for a snack adds up.

So I got all the items separately. I spent $14 and I had enough to make 13 snack packs. That’s a tad over $1 a snack that had quality protein, vegetables and healthy carbs.

So yeah, even cheap eating out is not cheap. And most of the time it’s not healthy.

Save that money and spend it on quality personal training in Sacramento instead 😀

The biggest obstacle seems to be WHAT to eat.


Protein and produce

Protein is anything that had a mother or came from a mother: So chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs

Produce: Try to stick to mostly vegetables. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with: Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, and other greens. Throw in some peppers for color.

If it’s a lift day add in some complex carbs like quinoa, sweet potato or winter squashes if they are season. All of these cook up well in big batches and can be frozen in portions. I do suggest that if you are eating carbs stick to lean protein.

If it’s cardio or rest day see how you feel with just protein and produce but make sure you add in some fat or you’ll be hungry in 90 minutes.

Think: higher fat protein, nuts, avocado or coconut oil to keep you full longer.

It really is that simple. Protein, produce and perhaps a carb.

Make some moist chicken in a crockpot, layer a container with spinach, scoop some quinoa on top and add the chicken. It’s a high protein easy salad. The sauce from however you cooked the chicken can be your dressing.

If it’s a low carb day spiralize some zucchini instead of the quinoa. Double veggies. Winning!

If you truly want to get lean you have to make your lunch a priority.

What you choose at lunch can also set the stage for if you’ll get that 3pm crash and go searching for sugar.

If you fill your body with clean, nutrient dense, low-sugar choices you’ll have a better chance of keeping your blood sugar level and your cravings at bay.

But cravings happen so if you do get tempted always remember how you feel after you eat the tempting food.

I don’t mean guilt, because when it comes to food and guilt I don’t.

But physically how you feel. Most of the time these foods make us more tired and craving more. You will truly feel better in mind and body if you can resist.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.