Eye Opening ONE THING To Try

“All this self-acceptance is cool but I also really want to lose weight”

I’m on it. I have not forgotten that and I’m here to help ☺c8d4e04d25a64a33c185ad462b7c868f

Yesterday we talked about focusing on just ONE thing to change instead of trying to change everything at once.

We also talked about the need for it to be specific. So instead of just a blank “I need to clean up my diet” you should focus in on what area of your nutrition needs some 1-on-1 time.

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How Will You Achieve Your Goal?

6 Proven Steps to Success – How to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

In Step 1 of the Six Steps to Success formula, you determined the EXACT goal you wanted to achieve (weight, dress size, push-ups, etc.).

Now, in Step 2, you will expand on the statement you began in Step 1. [Read more…]

Your Dream Body

Are you still interested in getting HOT for summer? Scratch that; are you still interested in getting HOT for your LIFE?

If so, I have great news for you: Beast Mode Squad

Most of the time I hate the word realistic.

It puts limits on your dreams and is the fastest path to average or mediocrity.

But at times realistic has its place.

Like when we talk about how fast you will get to your ‘Dream Body’ status. Because the truth is, if you’ve been putting yourself last in life; neglecting workouts, eating crappy food and running on a handful of hours of sleep every night, you simply can’t expect to reverse all the damage you’ve done in a few short weeks.

But unfortunately that unrealistic expectation, or impatience, is the biggest saboteur of true progress and achieving Dream Body Status.

No it’s not lack of willpower, being too out of shape or unsupportive relationships that cause the ruin of so many get fit goals. It’s YOU. Yeah I just called you out. I can do that because I had to call myself out at the beginning of the year. [Read more…]