Your Strongest Muscle

Ever heard someone telling the story of how a pill, natural remedy or routine relieved their pain or healed an ailment?

But then someone usually says “that’s a placebo, it’s all in your head” but they say it like it’s a bad thing.

I see it differently.

I believe that if something can make you have such a strong mental connection to your body that you make physical or emotional changes for the better you should embrace it.

But the reverse is true as well. You can make yourself unwell with your mind or even cause yourself to fail at achieving your goals because of your mind.

Even when it comes to your goal of having a flat stomach or lifted butt.

Bottom line; what you say to yourself matters. Right now I’m not talking about “self-love” type of stuff.

I’m talking about the real doubts that you may put in your own head about your actual ability to succeed at your fitness goal.

When you say things to yourself like:

“I don’t know if I can do this”
“It’s so hard”
“It’ll never work because I like food too much.”
“I just can’t get myself up that early to work out.”
“I don’t have the willpower to get lean.”
“I’ll never see my abs.”
“I hate cardio.” (oh wait, I might say this one…..)
“I can’t lose weight no matter what I do.”
“Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?”
“I have a slow metabolism.”

All of that above is going to be totally accurate because your subconscious will do whatever you tell it to do. Even if you think you are just joking.

Your subconscious rules everything for positive change or for holding you down. It is the boss.

If you say things like: “It’ll never work because I like food too much. But I’ll try”

Let me bet 6 figures on how successful you’ll be….

But I don’t bet and if I did I’m always in your corner so I wouldn’t want to be against you.

Instead let me tell you how to be the BOSS of your subconscious and turn it into the hardest worker for your benefit.

Think of positive outcomes only. Own your struggle, take command.

In other words; think BIG.

Instead of planting the seeds of doubt. Cultivate the fruits of success.

Challenge yourself to catch yourself in that self-limiting talk and instead say things like:

“It might be hard to get up in the morning to train but I feel so great after”

“I can do it”

“I will do it”

“Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.” (even cardio…that one was for me)

“If it’s hard that means I’m pushing myself to be better”

“I am thriving”

“I am choosing to make these changes and they are worth it”

“I GET to workout.” (Instead of I have to workout)

“I love healthy foods”

It takes practice. But here is an action step for you:

Become aware of how often that self-doubt and limiting talk creeps in, yes, even if you’re “joking” and do a pattern interrupt.

Physically clap your hands or shake your body or do something to stop your brain.

Then out loud change that limiting statement to a no-boundaries statement instead.

It sounds simple but trust me, try it for a week and watch your motivation, determination and results soar.