3 Moves. One Killer Workout [Video]

I get asked a lot what I do for my own workouts.

I actually do a nice blend of our boot camp and Beast Mode Squad moves with one exception; When I am on my own I like to keep my workouts to 3-5 moves tops and I do lots of rounds vs lots of moves and just a few rounds each.

It’s not that it’s any better or more effective, it’s just that when I’m working out solo its tough enough to stay motivated. If I have to keep changing moves referring to my notes I would probably loose motivation and bail. Plus I often need them to be fast. And with minimal equipment switching and one-time setup I can usually do 5 rounds of just about any circuit in under 30 minutes. BOOM. Done.

So I keep it simple. A few moves I can remember and then I go!

This one is my new obsession cause it has three things I love: Step-ups, explosive movement and lots of sweat.

You can do this at the gym the next time you’re there or you can do it at home with just a box or chair and a pair of dumbbells.

Scroll below the video for full instructions



Step-ups to reverse lunge:

If going for a faster pace more metabolic workout do bodyweight or light dumbbells and go for time vs reps. 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds to rest before switching legs.

If you are going for some serious booty work and are using heavy dumbbells or a barbell, count reps. Aiming for 8/each leg with good form.

Next: Renegade row to push-up

Again if you are going for more of a cardio workout then keep the dumbbells light and work for time; 50 seconds

For you muscle building mamas, up the weight and go for 8 reps (counting the push-ups only)

Finally: The Pile Driver

This is metabolic for all. Use a medicine ball (I’m using an 8lb in the video) or a light dumbbell and pound that baby!

Be explosive, drop low explode up. You’ll feel your abs stretch and the ab strength it takes to stop the med balls backward movement and hurl it back down will have your core muscles fired up and your heart rate through the roof.

If you are more fit and truly can push to high limits do just 30 second of high-intensity.

If you are more intermediate to beginner then aim for a slightly longer time of 40-45 seconds as your overall energy output will be a bit lower.

Rest about 30 seconds before starting again if you are going for cardio.

Rest about 60-90 seconds if building muscle is your focus of the day. Don’t be afraid to rest. If your rest break is too short you may struggle to do the moves with the proper weight and intensity making your overall workout less effective. Rest is a part of the plan.

Complete 3-5 rounds depending on your time available and your current fitness level.

Be sure to do a few stretches and a bit of rolling when you are done.

I’ll be making more workout videos for you using a wide range of equipment or none at all.