Info Overload (reason #4)

Have you ever felt like you had SO MUCH to do at home or at work that it made you do NOTHING instead?

An overabundance of tasks or information can be downright paralyzing.

The same can happen with your journey to live healthier and develop the habits of a lean, athletic person.

We can get so busy wondering what to do next, what’s the absolute BEST thing to do that sometimes we get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all.

In addition, we can fall into the trap of spending so much time “gathering” information; reading, dissecting and evaluating books, magazines, blogs, etc. that we never get around to actually DOING anything.

This is reason #4 of Why People Fail: They suffer from information overload.

Info overload can plug us into one of two camps:

a) We either don’t know where to begin at all so we do nothing or

b) We fool ourselves into thinking that we are taking action by gathering information.

How many diet books, workout videos and pieces of exercise equipment does one person need before they take action?

So what to do? As I like to say: Start with what you know.

Give yourself credit cause I’m pretty sure you already have some idea of actions that are more in line with the habits and behaviors you’d like to develop that will ultimately lead you to your goal.

And those that are not.

Start with those.

All the things that you may know but you brush them off because they are so “common”.

Things like:

-Eat more vegetables.

– Drink more water.1d6abe2afd0c5888a802f878a4b0ca6c

– Do some food prep.

– You know you need to MOVE IT.

– Get some more sleep.

– Ditch the processed foods.

“Knowing and not doing; is the same as not knowing.” – Peter Sage

If you feel like you really don’t know what to do, where to start or you’re feeling entirely too overwhelmed by conflicting info, I can help you with that.

Hit me up and I’d be happy to set up a trial to Get StrongHer for you and possibly a test drive.