How Quickly This Happens

I survived! Lol, (of course I did. I’m silly). Thanks for all the emails and texts last Wednesday before my lumbar puncture (aka: spinal tap) it helped a lot. In the end it was pretty uneventful. Mild discomfort and a slight headache but it was more my mind freaking me out than anything else. The Doctor was actually a workout enthusiast too so while my spinal fluid dripped outta me, we talked about working out. He was telling me about deadlifts and Squat cleans and I was like yeah, yeah, cool… it done? lol He was trying to distract me I know. It didn’t work but I appreciated the effort.

I was however under strict orders to do absolutely nothing for 24 hours. As in if you get up to go to the bathroom get back in bed as fast as possible. NOTHING for 24 hours and then only light activity for another 24 hours after that. Now here’s something you may have guessed about me: I rarely stop moving or doing. I mean I may sit down and catch up on a favorite show (CSI: Miami started, woot, woot!) but I’m still doing something; folding clothes, labeling pictures, writing my to-do list or blogs……rarely ever do I just sit and stare at the tv or do nothing. But I did as I was told and did absolutely nothing for 24 hours. I had plenty of company though, I was surrounded non-stop by my little furry people. They mostly took shifts but sometimes they piled up on me. Literally.


I was bored out of my mind, fidgety, already planning all the light-duty type things I would do the next day. But a funny thing happened, the next day came and I was still really lazy. Half of my mind was totally bored and wanted to at least get back to blogging or organizing some papers that had piled up, but the other half was just lazy……… ok I thought, maybe spinal fluid replenishing is more tiring than I thought, but then Friday came and I skipped all my workouts, and did more of nothing. Then again on Saturday and most of Sunday. What was happening to me?!

As quick as one 24 hour stint, the habit of laziness had completely taken over my being and I was deep in the throes of utter laziness.

So late Sunday afternoon I forced myself to get up and take my dogs for a walk and then as soon as I came back I went to the BBC studio to do some organizing. All of a sudden I felt full of energy. I was zipping around doing this and that and I got more done in about 4 hours than I had in 4.5 days. For real!

And then it hit me……. The longer you stay inactive, the longer you cultivate the habit of plopping down and doing nothing your energy and vitality just seeps out of you. What’s Newtons law of motion? An object in motion will stay in motion but an object at rest will stay at rest. Well that object is you or me or any other person.

If we always say we’re too tired to do something (like go workout) we will continue to be too tired to do something (workout). Sometimes we just have to fight that conditioning and get in motion instead.

I’m willing to bet that you will always feel better that you did something (workout) rather than nothing (be a couch potato).

That’s my thought. Ok enough sitting down. Go do 10 squats or something :).