Not Your Average Holiday Party Nutrition Advice

It seems that this is the weekend for holiday parties. I’ve heard more than a few people mention their plans for this weekend.

But not just the holidays, this time of year in general we tend to take a few more days off from our normal schedule and visit places (like Apple Hill) and people that may not be around the rest of the year.

By now you know I heavily lean toward enjoying life and choosing your indulgences because this is a lifestyle right?

Cause let’s be real, no one likes to go to a party and eat twigs and berries.

The problem is though that while we don’t want twigs and berries no one wants to pack on a bunch of weight either.

So even though normally I say enjoy your food without guilt as long as you are indulging mindfully, that doesn’t mean you get to say screw it and go hog wild.

Or, actually… can. You can do whatever YOU want to do. But then you need to OWN that.

No complaining about your clothes not fitting. No whining about the number on the scale. No staring in the mirror with a look of terror. No guilt.

If you CHOOSE to eat whatever, whenever with no breaks you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Should mindful indulgence be your choice however (the one I highly recommend) then I have a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Stock pile some extra calories. A few days before your big event see if you can shave just a 200-300 calories from your normal day. That’s not a ton really; 3 slices of bacon instead of 4. 1 Tbsp of peanut butter instead of 2, that kind of thing. You’ll barely notice it overall.

By doing that for just 3 days you’ll gain a calories savings account of about 600-900 calories that you can “spend” on event day. And/or:

  1. Get in a really good strength based workout in the morning and follow it with a high protein, plenty of vegetable meal. Then fast for the rest of the day until the party (drink plenty of water). Your muscles will be ready to soak up the extra calories and carbs. Enjoy it all.
  2. This one is more aggressive: Do an intermittent fasting session where you fast for the day. Get that strength based workout in a few hours before the event, and then refuel at the party. Your muscles will be so open and ready for the food you’ll be able to avoid a significant amount of fat storage.

(as always, stay safe and do what is healthy for YOU)

Enjoying life and not obsessing over your weight does not have to mean that you pay no mind to it at all. That was always my disconnect to the “self-love” live-your-life gurus I would hear.

I knew I wasn’t okay with being consumed with how I looked, what I ate and when I worked out. But I also knew that I did care about it to some extent and I wanted a balance.

For me these suggestions are how I balance. It’s not punishment. It’s not obsessive. If I chose not to do any of this I would still eat and thoroughly enjoy each and every bite and sip. But at this point in time a little structure and self-control is always welcome.

If the same is true of you then hopefully these suggestions will help.

We all get to make the choices that shape our outcomes. Whatever you choose, own it.