So What’s Your Story?

How many times have you told yourself a story about you and then made it come true?

The answer is we all do it, we just may not realize it.

Last week while on vacation in The Dominican Republic I did something I was pretty sure I would never do.  It honestly was not even on my radar of something I would ever do. I just don’t do “those” types of things.

That was my story and I was pretty secure in it.

Here was the basis for my “story”:

I don’t like heights.

I don’t like going fast.

I don’t like hanging in the air by a relatively thin cable.

I don’t like the idea of possibly falling hundreds of feet to the ground and most likely to my death…<- okay so that may be legit

The result was that because of this story there was a whole list of things “I  don’t do”.

Then on one random day in the Caribbean after a very casual chat with a stranger I met at a restaurant who said she loved it, I instantly thought; Why not? What if I like it? Why can’t I at least try? So I did.

And WOW, it was seriously one of the most fun things I have ever done!

But not only fun it was also eye opening and empowering. I laughed the whole time running from tower to tower yelling ” I can’t believe how much I LOVE this!”

That’s one of the best things about stepping outside your comfort zone; you grow and you learn more about yourself and your idea of what’s possible begins to expand.

My message today may not seem to apply to fitness but really:

a) Does everything have to?

b) This actually does.

You see we tell ourselves we were never meant to be lean, or we could never lift heavy weight.

We say our whole family is big so I’ll never be small

We think that because we come from a certain culture that we could never stop eating “X”.

We tell ourselves that we love sweets too much to say no.

Or we are too social to avoid daily cocktails

Whatever it is, we tell ourselves these stories and then we make them come true.

Sometimes they serve us and sometimes they do not.

Sometimes they may not be bad but they may stunt our growth.

But what if we decided to write a new story?

A story where you actually can do the things that you have told yourself you cannot.

It’s not always easy, and it most likely will take stepping out of your comfort zone and making serious changes to make it happen but what would happen if you did?5 (1)

What would open up to you? What goals could you check off your list?

Really stop and think about that….



Oh by the way that “thing” I did is right here if you want to check it out:  >>>Never Say Never<<