Should I Skip My Workout? (Excuse or Valid)

Funny thing happened last week. I had to “listen to my body”. I caught a nasty cold and was OUT. Minimal work, no workouts. Laying around watching TV, OUT. I don’t do any of those things often.

Now a few emails ago I told you how anti self-love/accept yourself I used to be and how it made me wanna kick somebody. I have since grown and reached a better understanding.

Well this whole listen to your body thing was something else I threw up a little in my mouth over each time I heard it.

To me this meant yet again making excuses. “Oh I’m tired” “Oh I’m sore” “I’m listening to my body so I’m not working out”. Yeah right. You’re lazy is what you are (this is what I used to think).

I once worked out with 102 fever because I don’t like to cancel set commitments and I was hard core (so I told myself), I could push through.

Wow, not only was that dangerous for me but how inconsiderate of those I was training around (I’m different now, don’t judge).

Over the last two years I have made a lot of progress in my education, mindset and wisdom and now know that listening to your body is not always a fancy way of making an excuse. Here’s how you can know too:

First up you gotta self-evaluate.

Now as a rule, I like routine and commitment. These are the days I workout and that is that. If I’m feeling lazy, unmotivated, bored or even a little tired, I’ll deal with that later but at the set time toimage1 workout, I workout. No excuses.

If I no longer want to feel lazy, unmotivated, bored or a little low-energy then I can fix that before my next training session but those are not valid reasons to skip my current workout

See one thing I know above all is that consistency is key to living fit and getting results.

If you let the emotions of boredom or motivation rule if you are going to consistently train and work on your fitness you are in for a roller coaster and not much progress.

Plus you’d be surprised how a workout you were dreading a half-hour ago gets you all fired up once you’re actually doing it.

So before I think of “listening to my body” I ask myself if its really my body that needs a break or am I letting my mind and emotions resist this good thing that I need to do for both my body and my mind.

Next, if you can honestly say it’s more than a fleeting emotion then you can run down this checklist:

– Am I sick? For some of you this is common sense but some of us need to calm down a bit and ask ourselves this question. If you’re sick, listen to your body when it comes to working out. That does not mean that you can not, but if you are extremely fatigued, contagious or running a fever. REST.

– Am I truly more than generally tired? We all have low-energy mornings or that afternoon slump.

For those I encourage you to just get your body moving and see how you feel. I’m almost positive you will get more energized as you move. But if not, keep in mind that not every training session has to be a 10.

On lower energy days focus on other things like your form or being able to do unbroken sets.

However if you are running on 5 days straight of 4 hours of sleep then you might need to listen to your body and take an unscheduled day off (personally if I just have one bad night of sleep I’ll still push through. But a string of poor sleep becomes more of an issue).

Also keep in mind that you definitely need to make some adjustments to your life that will allow you to get more sleep. You don’t want lack of sleep to be a recurring reason you skip your workouts, even if it is valid.

-Am I injured? Now don’t think I’m getting soft with all this self-love, listen to your body stuff. If you are injured there is still probably a bunch of other body parts we can train so get your booty to the workouts.

However, you should never do exercises that aggravate your injury and sometimes you do need to just take an extra day(s) off to let the initial flair up to subside.

So that’s my short list of when I “Listen to my body” when it comes to skipping a workout or not.

If I’m puking (doesn’t have to be literal), a zombie or have a broken back I listen to my body and rest.

Other than that, I let my dedication to consistency rule the day and I get in and get something down.

Note: I DO have 2-3 rest days a week built into my program. You are not improving when you work, you improve when you recover. So if you smash your body and never let it rest you ARE going to deal with injury, extreme low-energy and poor results which leads to lack of motivation. See the cycle?

Now go drink a glass of water and have a great rest of your day.