The Goals That Don’t Cut It

There are actually goals that are not even worth setting. It leads me to the final reason people fail:

Reason #5 – They Don’t Have Passion

Sometimes this is the case because we pick a goal that has no REAL meaning to us.

If your “Why” for wanting to achieving something doesn’t make goose bumps appear on your skin or make your heart beat faster, chances are you won’t stick to your mission when the going gets tough, and really, why should you? “

When it comes to your health, your body and fitness what makes goosebumps appear on YOUR skin?

Dig dip.

It’s easy to say I want a flat stomach or I want to look good on the beach but after working with many women with all kinds of goals from tropical vacations to wedding days, I can see that it’s very few that find true deep passion in them enough to push past all the obstacles that come with life.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t want it badly enough. It just means that it wasn’t a passion.

Because come on, when it comes time to chill on the beach with drinks, food, sun and relaxing time are you really going to care that you didn’t lose those 10lbs? Or maybe you care but you’re still gonna have a great time.

When you’re walking down the aisle to see your beloved is the belly bulge really going to be on your mind?

I truly hope not.

On the other hand, I’ve had clients that desperately needed to lose weight so they could literally stay alive, it was that serious.

Or they saw their young daughters mimicking their body loathing behaviors and knew they needed to put a stop to the cycle.

Those goals had some passion behind them and therefore got results.destroy-cred

My personal “Why” a few years back was I just couldn’t do it anymore; the yo-yoing (yes even as a fit pro), the negative self-talk, feeling like a fraud…. I was done.

Dig my friend, find a reason to succeed at your goals that TRULY deep down until it almost makes you cry, fires you up.

THAT will help push you through the rest of the struggles.

So there you have it. Maybe none of the above apply to you but I would bet at least one resonates.

I’ll be back with some workouts and other cool things for you.  Cause you know, I do also lift 😉