Free Yourself Friday

We are almost to the 1-week mark of our first OctoberFit challenge.

I wanted this challenge to be about more than just a “transformation” in the popular sense as cool as those are.

So while yes, there are killer workouts and even menus, the focus is on movement and taking care of yourself in all ways.

To keep it fun, each day has a theme and a challenge that goes with it.

I want to share todays challenge with you because it’s not your typical “transformation challenge” type challenge.

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Negative Body Image In Women PT 2


Negative Body Image in Women, we talked yesterday about it.

Now let’s take the first step to improve it.

Well actually before I get to the first step let me ask you…..

How committed are you to actually making a change in the way you see yourself?

See, you can read this information and think it sounds good and all.

But sitting there nodding your head in agreement is not going to make your life any better.

Action is the magic word.

As silly as you may feel doing some of these steps we are going to talk about over the next several days follow through with them and you will start to move closer to a more accurate image of yourself.

OK, so you are committed and ready to go?

Step 1

Make a “likeable” list of things about yourself.

What are the things about you that people often compliment you on?

Do people often notice your smile?

Your eyes?

Your shoulders?

Your laugh?

Write those things down first then start to add to it.

Go on, you know there are things that you like about yourself that you would never admit to anyone.

Write those down too.

No, it doesn’t mean you are conceited or self-centered. It just means that you understand that despite not being perfect you are OK (I know that sounds dreadfully corny but work with me here) :-).

Read this “likable” list daily

Twice daily if you really want to drill it into to your brain that a change is coming.

And to make it even more effective, read it to yourself in the mirror.

Lock the door if you have too but give it a try.

It’s amazing how embarrassed you can get talking to yourself in the mirror

But it works!

Do this step today.

I’ll give you the weekend to practice it.

We’ll talk about step 2 in a few days.

You can change if you want too.

We’re here to help!

Post a comment and tell us how this feels for you. We’d love to hear it.

Sarai Jones