Stay Focused

We have some pretty extraordinary ladies at Get StrongHer. Some are super strong, some extra fast, a few have the endurance of the Energizer bunny.

Others still are so determined, nothing stops them, nothing.

In fact, I truly believe that everyone has a gift, some just haven’t uncovered or acknowledged what theirs is yet.

Sadly though, I think that many people DO recognize their gift but they compare it to someone else’s “gift” and then think theirs is not as good.

This act of comparing can make you feel small, unmotivated and discouraged which in turn can make you fall away from the healthy habits you are trying to develop and/or improve.

Basically comparison is a trap.

Comparing is for things, not people.

You can admire someone else’s accomplishments, you can use it to motivate you but alwaysgoals stay focused on YOU.

Focus on what YOU need to do to be better.

It’s really cool that the person next to you can do 10 toe-pushups, but if you still need to be elevated (better than on your knees) or have to take breaks then do it.

If your goal is to lose 1 pound a week, don’t let the fact that someone else lost 5 that same week throw you off your game.

Focus on doing YOUR best.

Focus on YOUR goal.

Focus on being your BEST you.

The best version of yourself, that’s what you deserve to be every day.

And don’t forget whatever it is that makes YOU special. The thing that someone else may look at and think “wow!”.

Now go crush this week!

P.S. Fierce For Photos starts April 25th. Details are coming next week. I’m SO excited!