Protein Shake or Frappuccino?

In case you missed it I am chronicling my everyday food and 16-week focus on snapchat (getfitwithsarai), which by the way is the most fun I have had on social media in a long time. It’s so in-the-moment I can just let go and be who I is. But I digress…

I’ve been getting some questions and one I thought was a great topic to talk about; “As long as I stay in my calorie range, why can’t I eat whatever I want?”

This particular person said that she was actually able to eat a McDonalds breakfast sandwich in the morning and grab a Starbucks latte in the afternoon and still stay within her calories.

It got me to thinking about calories VS Nutrition.

Since I don’t believe in starving oneself (all it does is make you lose muscle, not fat) if you’re following my snaps you’ll see I eat a good amount of calories a day (around 2,000-2,200)

If I wanted to I *could* actually eat ton’s of “treat” type foods and still stay under the 2k mark.

However, it doesn’t work that way.

Sure theoretically, a 250 calorie protein, banana, spinach, smoothie with chia see
ds is the same as a 250 calorie snickers bar based on the numbers. But what nutrients are you getting out of the candy bar?

How do you feel after?

How do you feel 2 hours after?

Your body got some energy (that is what a calorie is) but no nutrit

Now your body wants more food, not because it didn’t get enough energy (calories) but because it didn’t get any nutrients.

When your body doesn’t have proper nutrition you start to feel sluggish, tired, you stay sore longer after your workouts, and you can never seem to push yourself that extra bit when exercising.

And the less you can push during a workout the less calories you burn during the workout and after.

Not to mention you constantly crave “stuff”. It’s surprising how many times our cravings are actually connected with a nutrient deficiency.

Now let’s take that smoothie; same 250 calories but you’ve got

  • Protein

  • loads of fiber

  • iron

  • 2 servings of produce

  • Potassium

  • Calcium

  • vitamins C and K (not to mention several others)

…. Just reading that do
n’t you feel more energetic and better about yourself?

The bottom line is “Garbage in, Garbage out”.food-results

If you put good healthy nutrient dense foods in your diet, you’ll get vitality, energy, stamina, you’ll feel more youthful and fat loss is easier.

If you put empty, sugar, chemical and fat filled calories in your diet on a regular basis you get sluggish, sub-par workouts, slow recovery, you feel “old”, tired and have no motivation.

Wow, was that gloomy? I hope not I just want you to know the facts.

Knowledge is power.

Now that you have this ne
w knowledge about the quality of your food, what steps can you take to move in a direction that will help push you toward your goals?

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