Monday Motivation and Mindset

Success comes first in the mind.

I’ve been thinking this to myself a lot lately as I tackle training for a physical challenge coming up in less than a month (Tactical Strength Challenge).

There are three things that are a part of the challenge: max number of pullups, maximum weight  you can lift for 1-rep on a deadlift, max number of Kettlebell snatches you can do in 5 minutes.

I’m excited but entirely out of my comfort zone. Like most people, I don’t like to fail.

I am fully aware and have recently written about the growth that comes from struggle and failure, but if I can have it any way I want it, I gotta say; I want to succeed.

Who doesn’t?

Since I am truly pushing my limits (see MAX on all activities) I’ve been really focusing on my thoughts and how they affect my motivation and performance.

Our minds are so powerful that we can use them to make our goals reality.

In fact, I would go so far as to say until you truly believe you accomplish your goals and until you see clearly in your head that it IS real to you, you will continue to struggle.

Call it visualization, daydreaming or meditation. When we think of ourselves as successful and we SEE ourselves as successful it helps push us to actually become what we are working toward.

I’ve been practicing some major visualization when it comes to this challenge and it’s been eye opening how much this mental workout has been upping my game both in accomplishments and motivation.

So I have this new thing I say before I walk into the gym where I train: “It’s already done” .

Because by the time I am walking in to do what I need to do I’ve run it through my brain so many times it’s like it IS already done.

How can this help YOU if you are not planning on deadlifting 300lbs anytime soon?

Simply: A lot.

It really doesn’t matter WHAT the goal is; fitness, career, personal. We all have these mental roadblocks that we have to smash through to be successful.

I say smash cause that’s what’s it gonna take. The good news is that we can turn our brains into the jackhammers we need to get it done.

Here are some tips:5 (1)

First lay the groundwork:

– Know your big reason why.

– Forgive yourself and love yourself despite past failures.

– Remember, you are the only person who can hold you back.

Take Action:

– Set small attainable goals, rather than one monumental goal.

– Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals.

– Conquer each negative thought the moment it enters your mind, when it is weakest.

Always Remember:

–  You become what you think about most; if you think you’re a fat person, then you’ll stay fat. If you think you’re fit, then you soon will be (or whatever your  goal)

–  The margin between success and failure is very small and easily bridged by determination.

Tough Love:

–  Every decision you make leads you either closer toward achieving your goal, or farther from it.

–  Once you’ve set your goal, your attitude either pushes you toward accomplishment or failure.

–  You can only have two things in life: excuses or results.

Lastly: Don’t beat yourself up because you are NOT gonna make all of the above happen overnight.

However the more you put this kind of information in your head, the more you let it seep into your conscious that is when and how the mindset shift starts to happen.

It’s exactly the way it happened for me even though I rolled my eyes at it more times than I can count.

Have a great week.