I’m A Baby When It Comes To This…(help!

This is going to sound strange but I can twist an ankle, sprain my back, jar my knee or tweak my shoulder and if I get any of these injuries while competing in an event or trying a new exercise move, it’s all good. I ice, stretch and move on. But schedule an appointment for pain, as in a Doctor’s office and I am a TOTAL baby! LOL! I admit it; I’m a medical-pain baby.

Today I get a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap!) and I know in my head it’s not that big of a deal but the other side of my head is still freakin out. So at 8:15 think of me :).

In honor of lower backs I want to tout the benefits of doing lower back exercises. You may not know this but a strong lower back is just as important to having a flat belly as direct abdominal exercise. I know that may sound strange but the two muscles groups actually work together, when once relaxes the other engages so you want them to have an equal amount of strength.

Here are a few other benefits to having a strong lower back:

1. You use your lower back muscles ALL. THE. Time. Seriously, if you’re not lying down, you’re using them. If you don’t make sure they are strong enough to handle all that work, expect lower back pain later on in life.

2. If you sit in a chair all day for work staring at a computer you put your back under even more stress. In fact, back pain is one of the leading causes for employee absenteeism. Fortunately, you can help out that situation just by concentrating on sitting up straight.

3. Also, strong lower back muscles will help you stand up straight as well and that make you look better, more confident and thinner!

The great thing about most low-back exercises is that they can be done almost anywhere and without equipment.

The superman is just one of my simple favorites. You can start by doing 2 sets of 10. Make sure to pause for 1-2 seconds at the top of the move.


Alright, I’m positive I’ll be back later this week totally a-ok but I had to let my nerves out a little this morning.