Follow My Food Prep

Right before I left on my Dominican vacation I did something that I have not done in a few years; I recalibrated my visual scales, I took a refresher course in portion size and calories count and did a check up on my macro nutrient ratios.

I did this with 20 days of very structured eating. And when I say structured I mean I weighed EVERY. SINGLE. THING I ate and drank.

If I couldn’t measure it and log it ACCURATELY I didn’t eat/drink it.

I didn’t start because of my trip, I started randomly because I was curious to see how much I was really eating. Then about 5 days into it I decided that since I did in fact have a bikini beach vacation on deck I might as well stick with it until I left.

Now normally my goal in everyday life is to eat whole, real foods. I eat when I’m hungry and although I will admit to a tendency to munch, I try not to eat mindlessly.

But I gotta say I learned a LOT about my eating habits and patterns.

The result was I lost 8lbs in 20 days. I was pretty happy about that not because of the number, but because I saw it in more definition in places and that’s always a plus.

It was so eye opening to me to see how easy it is to be inaccurate about what you eat, even if you eat pretty healthy.

It’s easy to *think* we only eat this much or we don’t eat a lot of X but when it’s right there on the food scale and in your tracking app there’s no denying it.

With that said I want to share what I learned with you from those 20 days and I want to include you in my meal prep for the next 16 weeks, cause yeah, I’m going back in for an extended round this time.

I have three events that I want to have a little edge for (I’ll tell you about them as we go).

So I’m switching things up a bit and being very calculated.

Now some of you may be thinking; wait, isn’t this the woman that is always talking about lifestyle and such, now she’s talking macros and calorie counts???

Yup that’s me 😀

I am also the woman who doesn’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to lose weight. If it’s your goal or my goal there is no shame in that.

My mindset on this however is that the pursuit or attainment of losing weight should not be the determining factor of your self-worth, if you get to be happy with yourself or if you deserve to treat yourself well.

End of story.

And one thing I know for sure is that if you are feeling stuck, like you are doing everything the right way and still not seeing results, being a bit calculated in your nutrition could shed some much needed light.

So follow me. I’ll be posting my daily meals and things on Instagram, LOTs on SnapchatIMG_6815 (I use to hate it, now I love it!). I’m even going to do some Periscops and Youtube. You can find me on all of them as @getfitwithsarai.

Have a great Weekend I’ll be snapping some of my prep this weekend so go follow.